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Word Verification/Spam Filtering

Posted in Uncategorized on November 19, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

As a brief aside, my apologies to all readers for the word verification system I’ve placed here on the blog. I’ve been getting far too many spam comments lately, and would like to put a right stop to it.

Now back to yr regularly scheduled programming…

The Essence- A Monument of Trust CD

Posted in 1987, coldwave, netherlands, new wave, post-punk, sad lovers and giants, snake corps, The Essence on November 18, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Real quick post today, folks, but here’s the second Essence record, released in 1987 via Midnight Music. The band were still a three piece at this point in time, featuring the same lineup as their debut, so the sound doesn’t stray too far. I do happen to prefer this record to Purity though, by a hair!

Otherwise, this particular upload contains two bonus tracks plucked from the A Mirage 12” (the extended mix and “Lollipop”), as well as “The Happiness” another b-side from the This Cat 12”. Perhaps the band couldn’t fit these tracks on one LP record, but it’s nice to have them in a cleaner format, for sure! On that note, here’s the information for the record. Enjoy!

The Essence- A Monument of Trust CD
1. A Mirage
2. Drifting
3. In Tears
4. Nothing…
5. The Waves of Death
6. The Happiness
7. Lollipop
8. Years of Doubt
9. Fire
10. The Death Cell
11. A Monument of Trust
12. A Mirage (Extended Version)

*download it here*

The Essence- Purity CD

Posted in 1985, coldwave, netherlands, new wave, post-punk, sad lovers and giants, snake corps, The Essence on November 17, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve got a pair of early Essence records to upload for you folks. Here’s the first of the lot, the band’s 1985 debut, Purity. The band originally formed as a three piece in 1984, hailing from Rotterdam, a region in the Netherlands. Over the course of time, the band grew in both popularity and personnel, releasing four full length LPs and several 12” singles before their demise in the mid-nineties. Most of the band’s material was released on Midnight Music, the label who also were responsible for Sad Lovers and Giants and The Snake Corps, two of the band’s closest sonic peers.

Speaking of which, it’s difficult to avoid comparing The Essence to The Cure, as the band walk similar sonic territory, straight down to the melodies, lyrics, and even the chimes in the instrumentation. For those who can’t avoid the comparison, the touchstones are close enough to consider it a lost record from The Top/Head on the Door era! Otherwise, it’s a rather solid guitar record from the mid-80s, with a hint of gloom and doom thrown in for good measure.

A surprising fun fact about this record: It was recorded in Alaska, of all places! Perhaps it was the allure of the near darkness and hopes of bringing the state’s icy edge to the record. Did they succeed? You decide. Here’s the information below.

The Essence- Purity CD
1. The Last Preach
2. A Reflected Dream
3. The Cat
4. The Blind
5. Never Mine
6. Endless Lakes
7. Forever in Death
8. Salivation
9. The Waving Girl
10. Purity
11. Confusion*
12. From My Mouth**
13. The Swaying Wind**

*bonus track from The Cat 12”, 1986
**bonus track from Endless Lakes 12”, 1986
both bonus tracks included on the 1996 CD reissue of Purity.

*download it here*

Stay tuned for the band’s sophomore record, which I will be uploading shortly!

Twice a Man- Works on Yellow CD

Posted in 1980s, 1986, 1990s, 2000s, swedish, synth, synthpop, twice a man, wave on November 10, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Yet another icy piece of Swedish minimal/coldwave for you, as this post features another solid Twice a Man record. We’ve already covered this glorious band several times over, so click here and here for more info and music. Otherwise, this particular LP sees the band experimenting with more atmospheric and ambient textures, all while keeping their signature synth-perfection intact. This particular record also features “Girl,” one of the band’s best known tunes, also featured on the Retronics compilation. Get that here, if you’re in need.

The LP was released in 1986, and was re-released on CD in 1993 with an extra bonus track added. This is the version uploaded below. Here’s the info:

Twice a Man- Works On Yellow CD
1. Brave New World
2. Happy Life
3. Lapwing Territory
4. Girl
5. Back On Venus
6. Left
7. Backward Mode
8. Time
9. Africa

*download it here*

Cortex- Souvenir/Souvenirs K7

Posted in 1984, alain neffe, Belgian, cortex, experimental, minimal synth, synth on November 9, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

For my second post of the day, I’ve tracked down a request from a few weeks ago. This particular post contains a rare cassette from Belgian experimental band Cortex, collecting their output from 1975-1982. The cassette was released on two different labels in 1984, and essentially contains electronic experiments with French poetry spoken over top.

Cortex is also one of many projects featuring contributions from experimental mastermind Alain Neffe, also active in Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, and Pseudo Code. Vocalist Nadine Bal also worked with Neffe in Bene Gesserit, who formed after the Cortex project came to its end.

Without any further ado, the particulars:

Cortex- Souvenir/Souvenirs cassette
1. Cortex E
2. Cortex F
3. Cortex G
4. Cortex H
5. Cortex I
6. Cortex J
7. Cortex K
8. Cortex L
9. Cortex M
10. Cortex N
11. [Unidentified]
12. Cortex O

*download it here*

Though it’s not mentioned on either discogs listing, my particular rip of the cassette features an extra, unnamed track before the final 20+ minute piece. Not sure if it belongs there or not, but I’ve included it for your listening pleasure.

As for the remainder of their discography, Cortex have contributed many more tracks to various compilations over their tenure, most with similar alphabetical titles. Haven’t been able to track ’em down, but I will post them if I ever do!

ExKurs- Fakten sind Terror LP

Posted in 1980s, 1981, exkurs, german, modern enterainment, New deutsche welle, p1/e, post-punk, synth on November 9, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a particularly dark gem I stumbled upon in my travels. This post contains the lone LP from German post-punk band ExKurs, released in 1981. Though this is the band’s lone release, members of ExKurs have a rich history in the vast world of early 1980s synth. Michael Hirsch was previously active in Alexander Hacke’s P1/e, while Allan Rae Smith also released a record with Modern Entertainment, his previous punk outfit.

Otherwise, the sounds on this LP feature post-punk rhythms and buzzing electronics, chock full of energy. A true New Deutsch Welle gem, the opening track is a treat in and of itself. Let’s get to the details, shall we?

ExKurs- Fakten sind Terror LP
1. Warten
2. Fakten
3. Bewegung
4. Steril
5. Natur
6. Angst
7. Friedhof
8. Ausblick

*download it here*

The band also have a website, consisting of a disography and brief history, but it’s entirely in German. If you’re up to snuff on the language, feel free to click HERE and check it out.

Meanwhile, to make up for my absence, I have two more posts in store for today, as time allows, so stay tuned for a few requests!