Twice a Man- Works on Yellow CD

Yet another icy piece of Swedish minimal/coldwave for you, as this post features another solid Twice a Man record. We’ve already covered this glorious band several times over, so click here and here for more info and music. Otherwise, this particular LP sees the band experimenting with more atmospheric and ambient textures, all while keeping their signature synth-perfection intact. This particular record also features “Girl,” one of the band’s best known tunes, also featured on the Retronics compilation. Get that here, if you’re in need.

The LP was released in 1986, and was re-released on CD in 1993 with an extra bonus track added. This is the version uploaded below. Here’s the info:

Twice a Man- Works On Yellow CD
1. Brave New World
2. Happy Life
3. Lapwing Territory
4. Girl
5. Back On Venus
6. Left
7. Backward Mode
8. Time
9. Africa

*download it here*

6 Responses to “Twice a Man- Works on Yellow CD”

  1. triiiiiisomie 21 12in please frankie.

  2. Nice. Seriously, thanks for sharing. Have you heard their contribution to Film Noir American Style? They are track 4 on Cassette Tape 2: European Contributions.

  3. Beautiful Lou Says:

    This is a sweet album

    and this is a GREAT blog


  4. I’d love to hear the Retronics comp, based on what you say, but the link on New Romantic Rules blog, is out, as are many links I’ve noticed on that site. Can you please see what you can do for Retronics and hey thanks a million for a killer site! Kenny

  5. Another one I have on vinyl and have not heard in 20 years.

    THank you.

  6. Glad this one’s still up. Haven’t listened to it in 25 years. Flashed on it after listening to Swdish EBMsters Machinista. This is light years better,

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