Cortex- Souvenir/Souvenirs K7

For my second post of the day, I’ve tracked down a request from a few weeks ago. This particular post contains a rare cassette from Belgian experimental band Cortex, collecting their output from 1975-1982. The cassette was released on two different labels in 1984, and essentially contains electronic experiments with French poetry spoken over top.

Cortex is also one of many projects featuring contributions from experimental mastermind Alain Neffe, also active in Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, and Pseudo Code. Vocalist Nadine Bal also worked with Neffe in Bene Gesserit, who formed after the Cortex project came to its end.

Without any further ado, the particulars:

Cortex- Souvenir/Souvenirs cassette
1. Cortex E
2. Cortex F
3. Cortex G
4. Cortex H
5. Cortex I
6. Cortex J
7. Cortex K
8. Cortex L
9. Cortex M
10. Cortex N
11. [Unidentified]
12. Cortex O

*download it here*

Though it’s not mentioned on either discogs listing, my particular rip of the cassette features an extra, unnamed track before the final 20+ minute piece. Not sure if it belongs there or not, but I’ve included it for your listening pleasure.

As for the remainder of their discography, Cortex have contributed many more tracks to various compilations over their tenure, most with similar alphabetical titles. Haven’t been able to track ’em down, but I will post them if I ever do!

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  1. thanks so much for this!

  2. Thanks

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Could you upload this album in other file sharing system, because it`s impossible to dwoload it by Zshare.

  4. Is the download link still working? I get a zip file which I’m unable to open.
    I have fond memories of this cassette which I borrowed once. No copy, a shame! So I hope it still can work out. Thanks in advance, it’s very nice that you pay attention to this gem.

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