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Various Artists- Reset Records 1983-1985 Comp.

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Uploading this one for a friend and figured I’d toss it up here as well. This particular release is an unofficial collection/torrent comprising of all the Reset Records 12 and 7 inches. For those unaware, Reset Records was formed by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure) and Eric Radcliffe, a collaborator and famed Mute Records producer. The releases are synth-based, as one might expect from the interests of the label’s founders.

Now for the contributors. Robert Marlow (real name Robert Allen), who released seven different slabs of wax for Reset, has a long history with Mute/Sire records. He played guitar with Alison Moyet in a punk band in ’77, and also appeared alongside Vince Clarke and Martin Gore in French Look, before Depeche Mode was officially formed. Marlow still makes music today under various monikers, including Marlow.

Peter Hewson, who released but one 7”, was a member of seventies glam/pop band Chicory Tip.

Hardware is a pseudonym for Radcliffe’s own music, and not much is known about Absolute, but I would love to hear more about them if anyone is in the know.

The compilation also contains a rare 12 and 7 inch release by Twilight. Twilight featured Erasure’s tour manager Andrew Mansi and future Nitzer Ebb tour manager Steev Toth. Though the record was released on Polydor, makes sense to collect it here due to Clarke’s production. Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the tracklisting for the compilation:

CD 1
1. Robert Marlow- The Face Of Dorian Gray (Extended)
2. Robert Marlow- The Tale Of Dorian Gray (Extended)
3. Robert Marlow- I Just Want To Dance (Extended)
4. Robert Marlow- No Heart (Extended)
5. Robert Marlow- Claudette
6. Robert Marlow- This Happy World (Extended)
7. Robert Marlow- The Face Of Dorian Grey
8. Robert Marlow- The Tale Of Dorian Grey
9. Robert Marlow- I Just Wanna Dance
10. Robert Marlow- No Heart
11. Robert Marlow- Claudette
12. Robert Marlow- This Happy World
13. Robert Marlow- Calling All Destroyers
14. Robert Marlow – In Retrospect

CD 2:
1. Peter Hewson- Take My Hand
2. Peter Hewson- Her
3. Absolute- T.V. Glare
4. Absolute- At The Thirdstroke
5. Absolute- T.V. Glare (Extended)
6. Absolute- At The Third Stroke (Extended)
7. Absolute- Can’t You See
8. Absolute- Love In My Heart
9. Hardware- Dance
10. Hardware- Hey
11. Hardware- Dance (Extended)
12. Hardware- Hey (Extended)
13. Twilight- Just Me Alone
14. Twilight- Talk To You
15. Twilight- Just Me Alone (Extended)
16. Twilight- Talk To You (Extended)

*download it here*

Invisible Limits- A Conscious State CD

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Invisible Limits were a German synthpop/darkwave band who formed in 1985. The band was originally the brainchild of Thomas Lüdke, who departed after releasing two 12” singles to form the Invisible Spirit. The band shed their then darker edge and employed a more poppy approach, releasing material well into the ’90s.

Though the band seemingly split, an unreleased “final” album appeared in 2005, self-released by the band through their official site. The band has also issued a five disc box set comprising their entire discography and a handful of single remixes, so any curious parties might do well to pick one up via Amazon import. Otherwise, here’s the information for their second full-length record, 1989’s A Conscious State.

Invisible Limits- A Conscious State CD
1. Golden Dreams
2. No Tears
3. Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division cover]
4. No Doubts
5. In A Dream
6. Kill Me Dearly
7. I Want You
8. Power To Survive
9. Natalie’s
10. Kill The Remix [CD-only bonus track]

*download it here*

Bérurier Noir- Concerto Pour Detraqués LP/CD

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Here’s something a little different for you folks today… Up on the slab is a classic record by French punk band Bérurier Noir, a dirty, politically charged cult band who formed in 1983. Though the band went through several lineup shifts throughout the 1980s, adding and detracting members, the rhythm section remained a cheap, driving drum machine, giving them a more thin and aggressive edge.

The band, who refused to make any sort of profit during their tenure, split in 1989, reforming in 2003 to release a DVD. Since then, the reactivated Bérurier Noir has played several shows in Europe, and released a brand new record in 2006.

This particular release is the band’s second album, hailing from 1985. This version was released on CD just a year later, tacking on the Joyeux Merdier 12” at the end, and kicking off with a previously re-recorded single version of early standout “Nada,” the original which appears on their debut record, Macadam Massacre. It would be the fourth version the band had recorded. Here’s the breakdown:

Bérurier Noir- Concerto Pour Detraqués LP/CD
1. Nada 84
2. Petit Agité
3. Vivre Libre Ou Mourir
4. Conte Cruel De La Jeunesse
5. Le Renard
6. Les Rebelles
7. Porcherie
8. Commando Pernod
9. Les Éléphants
10. Fils De…
11. Hélène Et Le Sang
12. Il Tua Son Petit Frère
13. La Mère Noël
14. J’Aime Pas La Soupe
15. Vive Le Feu
16. Salut À Toi

*download it here*

Track 1 from Nada 84 7” (1984)
Tracks 2-12 from Concerto Pour Detraqués LP (1985)
Tracks 13-16 from Joyeux Merdier 12” (1985)

Noel- Noel LP

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Here’s a little classic and somewhat shameless synthpop record that’s been a fun-filled favorite of mine for some time. The record in question is the debut album from Noel (Noel Pagan), a Cuban-born New Yorker with a powerful voice and some street smart credibility. Debut single “Silent Running” was released in 1987, but it took almost a year for his self-titled debut to appear in more readily available form on 4th and Broadway Records.

On listening, the record recalls mid-period Depeche Mode and various New Beat one-offs, with a more New York freestyle vibe. Though Noel would release a handful of dance mix singles into the ’90s, his proper sophomore effort, Hearts on Fire failed to capture the same energy as the debut. He currently collaborates on recordings with the likes of Eddie Arroyo and Eddie Baez.

Without any further ado, here’s the details for Noel’s self-titled debut.

Noel- Noel LP
1. Silent Morning
2. Fire To Ice
3. To Be With You
4. Out Of Time
5. Change
6. Like A Child
7. Fallen Angel
8. City Streets
9. What I Feel For You

*download it here*

Also – here’s the official video for “Silent Morning.” Enjoy!

Choir Invisible- Sea to Shining Sea LP

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As promised, here’s the second, final, and posthumous record from Choir Invisible, recorded in 1982, but not released until 1984. It’s far more bright and synthy then their debut record. I tend to prefer the previous album, but it depends on your take on buzzing synths vs. brooding guitars. Opposite sides of a similar coin, if you will.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Choir Invisible- Sea to Shining Sea LP
1. Grey At Present
2. Questions Never Spoken
3. With Dreams
4. I Walked Away
5. Shared By A Voice
6. Devoted To A Memory

*download it here*

Choir Invisible- Choir Invisible LP

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Choir Invisible were a four piece post-punk band hailing from Los Angeles. The band formed in the wake of the Flyboys, a first wave LA punk band, who split after the death of bassist/keyboardist David Wilson.

Lisa Fancher, head of Frontier records (who released the lone Flyboys 12” in 1980), essentially pieced Choir Invisible together after the Wilson’s death. The band grew to local prominence, opening for the likes of Romeo Void, Depeche Mode, and Christian Death in the early 1980s, before releasing their debut record in 1981.

Though the band split shortly after their 1981 tour, a few straggling members recorded a follow up in 1982, which was released two years later on Passport records. I shall upload this one for my next post, but in the meanwhile, here’s the info for the band’s 1981 self-titled debut.

Choir Invisible- Choir Invisible LP
1. Quiet Place
2. Fatal Dream
3. The Other Room
4. Fixation
5. Chameleon
6. Side To Side
7. Private Life
8. The Key
9. Playing Cards
10. Portrait Of Charles
11. The Distance From…

*download it here*