Noel- Noel LP

Here’s a little classic and somewhat shameless synthpop record that’s been a fun-filled favorite of mine for some time. The record in question is the debut album from Noel (Noel Pagan), a Cuban-born New Yorker with a powerful voice and some street smart credibility. Debut single “Silent Running” was released in 1987, but it took almost a year for his self-titled debut to appear in more readily available form on 4th and Broadway Records.

On listening, the record recalls mid-period Depeche Mode and various New Beat one-offs, with a more New York freestyle vibe. Though Noel would release a handful of dance mix singles into the ’90s, his proper sophomore effort, Hearts on Fire failed to capture the same energy as the debut. He currently collaborates on recordings with the likes of Eddie Arroyo and Eddie Baez.

Without any further ado, here’s the details for Noel’s self-titled debut.

Noel- Noel LP
1. Silent Morning
2. Fire To Ice
3. To Be With You
4. Out Of Time
5. Change
6. Like A Child
7. Fallen Angel
8. City Streets
9. What I Feel For You

*download it here*

Also – here’s the official video for “Silent Morning.” Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Noel- Noel LP”

  1. Vanilla Face Says:

    Nice post, I never did know who sang this song. I'd like to see some more freestyle/synthpop posted.

  2. Weird, I just bought the Silent Morning 12" today! A classic freestyle jam.

  3. Weird, I just bought the Silent Morning 12" today! A classic freestyle jam.

  4. Weird, I just bought the Silent Morning 12" today! A classic freestyle jam.

  5. hifihillary Says:

    ha. this is too funny. weren't you guys over one day and i pulled out and played the 7"? this was never a *cool* song… well, maybe it was…

  6. Plastiquegal Says:

    BRILLIANT! I love how now synthpop can include freestyle HOT 103.5 / (or from back in the day HOT 97.1) tracks. I have no shame admitting that I loved NOEL when I was a young gal, and I will still dance to it…I think the next move here is TKA-One Way Love.


  7. Italo Deviance - Bruce Says:

    I used to spin silent morning 12" – loved that song

  8. Molesharding Says:

    Great guy. he was in a row with Insoc when they had WHATS ON YOUR MIND and his Out of time 12 Inch was amazing. Synchro to that was RED FLAG with Russian Radio. Bad luck his second alum turned out to be quite lame and then he vanished… I can only recommedn Camouflage to you with SENSOR and their upcomming record in 2014. It will be great I am sure. PS: Greetings to Freddy Hajas

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