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Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 5

Posted in 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, coldwave, compilations, minimal, minimal synth, NDW, post-punk, systems of romance on August 31, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

I was going to hold off on posting this for a few more weeks, but after completing it in the late hours last night, I can’t help but share it immediately. Here we have the fifth installment of the Systems of Romance series, volume FIVE to be exact, and debatably my favorite of the bunch. You can expect a nice mix of guitar and synth tracks here. The only difference is this mix features 4-5 new artists that are all worth checking out, alongside several rare and unreleased tracks. Running time is a minute or so over a full length cd-r, so feel free to trim one of these for your own personal burnnn. Here’s the tracklisting:

Various Artists- Systems of Romance Vol. 5
1. After the Snow Melts- Clever Lines
2. Genetics- Final Sound
3. Epitaph- A Haunted Sawmill
4. New Year- Days Are Nights
5. Chanson D’Amour- WCH
6. In The Future- Split Level
7. Strange Days- Immunity
8. A Color- Tropic of Cancer
9. Run Run- Avantgarde De Luxe
10. Shadow Walk- Negatives in Colour
11. When Thunder Comes- Mission
12. What Goes On?- The Radiance
13. Desperate Rhymes- Piece De Resistance
14. Cover Girl- Dengon
15. Silly Earth- Scatterbrains
16. Eden- Sofia Run
17. On the Moon- Beyond Words
18. Shoot Me Down- P.S. Personal
19. Geraldine- Cha Boom Cha
20. Blind Me- Winter Severity Index
21. Sweet Cliché- The First Loves

*download it here*

Here’s a few words on the tracks:
1. Plucked from the 8 Essential Attitudes compilation. Picked it up cheap and while there are some gems, it’s mostly a mixed bag.
2. From the No Surrender! compilation, an otherwise rough and tumble collection of skinhead/oi tracks from Rock-O-Rama records.
3. Very rare single release, one of this band’s only tracks. Saw a release on The Trance Compilation.
4. Brazilian darkwave band who released a killer album in 2010, where this track hails from.
5. French synth from 1984…Stay tuned for a full post on this 12”.
6. B-side of a 1984 minimal synth single from the UK. If you have the a-side, holler!
7. Plucked from a 1985 compilation entitled Sounds from the Southern Scene Vol. 1. This band appears twice on the comp as the bookends. Their other track isn’t nearly as good, but still worth hearing.
8. Brand new coldwave sounds from LA, can’t get enough of this track!
9. Denmark band, from their first LP, released in 1982. Another track appears on SOR vol. 3.
10. An unreleased track from the UK band featured here.
11. Also from the 8 Essential Attitudes comp. Guitar-driven smash, and not the same post-Sisters band!
12. 1990s darkwave, released on a compilation of excellent like minded souls (Derrière Le Miroir, Lucie Cries, Frozen Autumn, all great bands)
13. Grabbed this 1985 12” from the US in a dollar bin. Decent new wave throughout, but this track is a standout.
14. Another US band who issued two singles in 1985 on ESYNC records (Velvascurge!). Mostly power-pop sounds, but this track has a nice guitar-driven edge to it. If anyone insists, I have both singles uploaded for a future post, but this one is the real treat of the lot.
15. Scarce minimal synth from the Netherlands. Would love to hear this full LP!
16. 1990s darkwave band who issued two records before splitting up.
17. 8 Essential Attitudes.
18. 1983 synthpop single from the UK.
19. The standout track from this 1988 12”. Also from the UK.
20. Brand new (all female) post-punk/coldwave band from Italy. A new favorite, really tremendous stuff. Keyboardist also doubles as Mushy, who just issued a full length solo LP on Mannequin Records!
21. I belive this track is a demo from a new post-punk band from London. Certainly sounds timeless!

Excentrique Noiz- Matt Crescent LP

Posted in 1980s, 1986, coldwave, darkwave, excentrique noiz, japan, japanese, post-punk on August 22, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

At long last, here we have the full length LP from Japan’s Excentrique Noiz, which I must say, does not disappoint. Six killer tracks here, very reminiscent of the 7” released a year earlier. Click here to grab that one, in case you missed it previously. Just missing their very first 7” and a compilation track! Get their s/t flexi here via Habit of Sex! Many thanks again!

It’s prudent to mention that there are female vocals on the title track, courtesy of Syoko, the lead vocalist of G-Schmitt, another killer Japanese post-punk band worth many, many listens.

Excentrique Noiz- Matt Crescent LP
1. Moonlight
2. Fluorescent Dream
3. All That Place
4. Still In My Heart
5. Time To Lose
6. Matt Crescent

*download it here*

Carl Matthews- Old & New K7

Posted in 1980s, 1988, ambient, carl matthews, synth on August 19, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a fantastic dark ambient tape from Carl Matthews, a compilation of earlier and unreleased material from 1988. Fans of the Remote Viewing and John Costello releases should love this one.

You can read a brief, but informative history on Matthews on his official website, which doesn’t appear to have been updated in some time. There were talks of CD reissues of his old cassettes via Sandpiper Records, but the site is no longer available. That said, I do believe Matthews is still active to date, with two releases last year.

Here’s the info for this killer cassette:

Carl Matthews- Old & New K7
1. Image I
2. Aksu II
3. All One World
4. Image II
5. Kingdom Of Souls
6. Elemental Moon
7. Iridescence
8. Autumn
9. Harmless Thought
10. Day Of Forgiveness
11. Valley
12. Image III
13. Holo-Rhythm

Tracks 1, 4, 8, 12 and 13 were previously unreleased.
Track 2 from Aksu.
Track 3 from Reflections I (compilation).
Tracks 5 and 11 from Call for World Saviours.
Tracks 6, 7 and 10 from Iridescence.
Track 9 from Integration (compilation).

*download it here*

Pretty Poison- No Tears 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, freestyle, new wave, pretty poison, synthpop on August 12, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Feeling feisty today, so here’s a quick second post, hot off the press. Contained within we have an early 7” (red flexi-disc!) from Philadelphia’s Pretty Poison, also covered here. You can expect the same (surprisingly and very pleasantly) dark sounds here, which should go without saying for those familiar with the excellent Tuxedomoon original. Seriously, this cover is BLISTERING, a nice take on the already great original, supplemented with a two minute percussive piece.

Pretty Poison- No Tears 7”
1. No Tears
2. Sakii

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED @ 320kbps on 2.15.17)

Just one more early Pretty Poison release to go. Drop a line if you happen to have a copy of this one!

Negatives In Colour- Caught In Possession 7”

Posted in 1982, negatives in colour, new wave, post-punk, power pop, uk on August 12, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s the lone 7” from Negatives In Colour, a new wave band from the UK. The single is a donation from the great bx59cppw, and comes complete with the blessing of Peter Fenwick, the band’s drummer.

Unlike many of the bands featured here at Systems of Romance, there’s actually quite a bit of information to be found about the band, thanks to a new website and reverbnation page, which features several unreleased tracks. To briefly paraphrase, this five piece outfit formed in 1982, enjoying some nice exposure thanks to a BBC Oxford Roadshow appearance alongside Duran Duran, at the peak of their powers in 1983. This particular single earned a bit of success on The Tube, a program on Channel 4. The band split after a brief lineup change, but I’m told that Peter and Roland Rands are still playing together in a covers band.

One other track was officially released on the One Giant Leap compilation in 1983, which fetches some pretty crazy prices when it appears. You can find that one on the first edition of the Crispy Nuggets various artists comps.. Peter also tells me that the BBC Oxford session tracks have been made available for download here, so be sure to snag those as well. I’m particularly fond of “Shadow Walk.”

Here’s the info for the 7”:

Negatives In Colour- Caught In Possession 7”
1. Caught In Possession
2. Every Man

*download it here*

In closing, there may be a one-off reunion appearance of the band in the works for the fall, so if you live in the UK, keep your eyes peeled!

Sport of Kings- Every Night 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1981, darkwave, post-punk, sport of kings, US on August 8, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

At long last, here’s the debut 7” from Sport of Kings, self-released by the band in 1981. I happened to stumble across it in a bin alongside the likes of Last Man In Europe, Razor Penguins, and Lung Overcoat. Needless to say, it was a good day.

This should complete the Sport of Kings discography. In case you missed them previously, you can grab the rest of their output here, here, and here. Special thanks to Fade 2 Grey for originally uploading the A-side! Otherwise, without any further ado…

Sport of Kings- Every Night 7”
1. Every Night
2. The Same Breath

*download it here*

We Are Going To Eat You- Everywhen LP

Posted in 1980s, 1989, indie, paisley underground, post-punk, uk, we are going to eat you on August 3, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

This one may border conspicuously on 80s indie turf, but it’s been hitting the spot lately as the summer creeps on and my interests turn to more guitar driven tunes.

In all honesty, I’ve had this 1989 LP kicking around for a while now, purchased sealed for a dollar at an upstate NY record fair (other scores included Trisomie 21’s Playing the Pictures and the Winter Hours record I posted ages ago). It took a post over at Kentucky Fried Wave to remind me that I had it lying around, unopened and deserving of a rip.

You can read quite a bit about these guys via Kill Your Pet Puppy, where you can also find their first two 12” EPs and a slew of photos. Pretty much all you could ever want to know about them appears in their writeup, so check it out!

As far as touchstones are concerned, this album does fit in quite nicely with the likes of the 80s paisley underground. Fans of Rain Parade, Winter Hours, early R.E.M., and Game Theory should be familiar with the sounds, which with a female singer in tow, also remind me of Ghost Dance and latter-day Xmal Deutschland. For me, the LP starts pleasantly enough but ends on the stronger side, with tracks such as “If You Believe” and “Her Dreamworld” standing out and giving it a bit of that dark flavor I like so much. Don’t take my word for it, however. Here’s the info:

We Are Going to Eat You- Everywhen LP
1. Photograph
2. Heart In Hand
3. This Conspiracy
4. Each Life A Mystery
5. Glory
6. Ride Upon The Tide
7. Eye To Eye
8. On A Day Like This
9. Just Another One
10. Here Always
11. If You Believe
12. Her Dreamworld

*download it here*

This LP was released on TVT records, which had a series of successful LPs (The KLF, Nine Inch Nails) under their belt. With that in mind, this band earned a bit of commercial attention, and filmed a video for “Each Life a Mystery.” Peep it here:

V/A- Adaptations From the Moon: Tuxedomooning the World

Posted in 2007, abstract, ambient, covers, darkwave, experimental, john costello, minimal, minimal synth, tuxedomoon, tuxedomooning on August 1, 2011 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a recent compilation sent my way by John Costello, a name that should already be familiar from previous posts. Here we have a CD release of Tuxedomoon interpretations from 2007, as recorded by several members of a prominent TM message board. This CD exists as a non-for-profit venture via the site and while it isn’t available for sale, though there may be some copies available for those wishing to market the disc.

Fans of Tuxedomoon should find a fair mix of selections from the band’s career, done with care and finesse by several prominent underground artists. Cult With No Name also appear here, and Costello contributes TWO tracks. Allow me to expand on this post with some info and behind the scenes from Costello himself:

[The compilation] grew out of the TM yahoo group forum started by Erik Stein (he’s also half of lounge electro duo Cult With No Name). Amid the renewed hustle of TM activity, French label Optical Sound released a covers cd in 2006, Next To Nothing, with artists including Simon Fisher Turner and Scanner. Oliver Schupp (of German band Festspielhaus), proposed a forum members covers cd and, when he found enough takers, took it forward from there. It was sanctioned by TM as a not-for-profit venture of 300 cds, with copies bought by the contributors to distribute how they wished and the rest sold by Oliver to forum members or interested parties at cost until they ran out.

I agonised for a long time over which track to choose, as there were so many candidates. Right up to the last minute I was going to do “No Tears” but I finally chose “Everything You Want,” in a rawer rocked-up style closer to the live version on Ten Years In One Night than the early Subterranean Modern Ralph Records compilation album version.

I record with my good friend and producer Geoff Pinckney at his Alien 6 studio in Sussex. Geoff is in electro outift Tenek with Pete Steer, and ex-of Glasshouse who supported Gary Numan on a couple of tours in the late 80s/early 90s. My method of working is to record and mix each track in as close to a day as possible, but I gave EYW three to make sure it would pass muster – it’s quite daunting doing something as an amateur that will be a tribute to a band you’ve loved most of your life, and you want to do it right. The session went smoothly, unbelievably so in fact, and I finished in two days – so for the hell of it I decided to do another. I chose “Egypt” because I knew I could do a minimal version fast, and it took just six hours to record and mix. I tried to do both in the spirit of TM and worked in a few motifs from other tracks; also, the bass on “Egypt” is a sample of “The Waltz,” from Holy Wars. I had no idea if Oliver would find it surplus to requirements but he loved it and included it on the cd.

The reaction was very positive. The band issued congratulations on the forum for a job well done.

Since there’s not much more I can add to that, let’s get to the info!

Various Artists- Adaptations From The Moon: Tuxedomooning The World
1. John Costello– Everything You Want
2. Phlitman & Kangaroo– Ninotchka
3. Festspielhaus– In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western 2)
4. Gosane– Where Interests Lie
5. Cabaret Of Complexity– Blind
6. John Costello– Egypt
7. Another– What Use?
8. !!– In The Name Of Terror (Iraqi Western 2)
9. Cult With No Name– Some Guise
10. Gosane– Everything You Want / The Stranger
11. Duke Sexton– East
12. Dry Monopole– Time To Lose
13. MistakeMistake– (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
14. Willem Schipper– The Unknown Fan

*download it here*

Thanks again to John Costello for all the info, wisdom, and of course, the music! Please support him and check out more of his recent work here!

Otherwise, August is looking to be a busy month for me, so I may be sparse as the month progresses. That said, I am still expecting some goodies to come my way over the next few weeks, so I will post them as I can! That said, if you need a fix faster than I can provide one, be sure to sift through the back archives or many of the excellent blogs linked to the right. Great things being posted around every corner!