V/A- Adaptations From the Moon: Tuxedomooning the World

Here’s a recent compilation sent my way by John Costello, a name that should already be familiar from previous posts. Here we have a CD release of Tuxedomoon interpretations from 2007, as recorded by several members of a prominent TM message board. This CD exists as a non-for-profit venture via the site Tuxedomooning.com and while it isn’t available for sale, though there may be some copies available for those wishing to market the disc.

Fans of Tuxedomoon should find a fair mix of selections from the band’s career, done with care and finesse by several prominent underground artists. Cult With No Name also appear here, and Costello contributes TWO tracks. Allow me to expand on this post with some info and behind the scenes from Costello himself:

[The compilation] grew out of the TM yahoo group forum started by Erik Stein (he’s also half of lounge electro duo Cult With No Name). Amid the renewed hustle of TM activity, French label Optical Sound released a covers cd in 2006, Next To Nothing, with artists including Simon Fisher Turner and Scanner. Oliver Schupp (of German band Festspielhaus), proposed a forum members covers cd and, when he found enough takers, took it forward from there. It was sanctioned by TM as a not-for-profit venture of 300 cds, with copies bought by the contributors to distribute how they wished and the rest sold by Oliver to forum members or interested parties at cost until they ran out.

I agonised for a long time over which track to choose, as there were so many candidates. Right up to the last minute I was going to do “No Tears” but I finally chose “Everything You Want,” in a rawer rocked-up style closer to the live version on Ten Years In One Night than the early Subterranean Modern Ralph Records compilation album version.

I record with my good friend and producer Geoff Pinckney at his Alien 6 studio in Sussex. Geoff is in electro outift Tenek with Pete Steer, and ex-of Glasshouse who supported Gary Numan on a couple of tours in the late 80s/early 90s. My method of working is to record and mix each track in as close to a day as possible, but I gave EYW three to make sure it would pass muster – it’s quite daunting doing something as an amateur that will be a tribute to a band you’ve loved most of your life, and you want to do it right. The session went smoothly, unbelievably so in fact, and I finished in two days – so for the hell of it I decided to do another. I chose “Egypt” because I knew I could do a minimal version fast, and it took just six hours to record and mix. I tried to do both in the spirit of TM and worked in a few motifs from other tracks; also, the bass on “Egypt” is a sample of “The Waltz,” from Holy Wars. I had no idea if Oliver would find it surplus to requirements but he loved it and included it on the cd.

The reaction was very positive. The band issued congratulations on the forum for a job well done.

Since there’s not much more I can add to that, let’s get to the info!

Various Artists- Adaptations From The Moon: Tuxedomooning The World
1. John Costello– Everything You Want
2. Phlitman & Kangaroo– Ninotchka
3. Festspielhaus– In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western 2)
4. Gosane– Where Interests Lie
5. Cabaret Of Complexity– Blind
6. John Costello– Egypt
7. Another– What Use?
8. !!– In The Name Of Terror (Iraqi Western 2)
9. Cult With No Name– Some Guise
10. Gosane– Everything You Want / The Stranger
11. Duke Sexton– East
12. Dry Monopole– Time To Lose
13. MistakeMistake– (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
14. Willem Schipper– The Unknown Fan

*download it here*

Thanks again to John Costello for all the info, wisdom, and of course, the music! Please support him and check out more of his recent work here!

Otherwise, August is looking to be a busy month for me, so I may be sparse as the month progresses. That said, I am still expecting some goodies to come my way over the next few weeks, so I will post them as I can! That said, if you need a fix faster than I can provide one, be sure to sift through the back archives or many of the excellent blogs linked to the right. Great things being posted around every corner!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what a great compilation! thank you

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty Poison has the best cover of No Tears.

  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    i still haven't heard their cover!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i can't wait to listen to it.thanx from argentina

  5. MushroomCap Says:

    Pretty Poison's cover of "No Tears".


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