My Dad Is Dead- The Best Defense LP

Here’s a collection of rarities by My Dad Is Dead, a post-punk/indie project from Cleveland, Ohio. My Dad Is Dead formed in 1984 after the breakup of Riot Architecture, and since then has been primarily a solo outfit for drummer Mark Edwards. Revolving door lineups came and went over the years, and the band enjoyed some underground success as well as opening spots for bands such as Modern English and Butthole Surfers.

Edwards is still active to date, releasing MDID records well into the 2000s. Recently, Edwards put the lid on MDID and is now working under the moniker Secular Joy. A debut LP is currently in the works.

This particular collection consists of several leftovers from the band’s early career. Tracks 1, 3, and 10 were slated for a 1987 EP release, while the rest of the tracks are a combination of album sessions (recorded during the Let’s Skip the Details sessions) and home 4 track demos. The sounds here are definitely raw and guitar-driven, definitely recommended for fans of Big Black, Game Theory, Husker Du, early R.E.M., etc. Not a sound generally explored on this blog, but a cool record by a cool band that some of you may find enjoyable. It’s certainly hitting the spot during this NYC summer heat wave. Here’s the info:

My Dad Is Dead- The Best Defense
1. In The Morning
2. When The Elephants Fight, The Grass Gets Trampled
3. Anti-Socialist 2
4. For Your Trouble
5. Pile It On
6. Cut Out
7. It’s Not What You Said
8. Chopsticks
9. Hole In My Eye
10. The Best Defense

*download it here*

Note: You can get a lower bitrate recording of this release (as well as enjoy several other freebies) via the band’s website, viewable here. Lots of information and multimedia for anyone curious about the band’s history!

6 Responses to “My Dad Is Dead- The Best Defense LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My Dad Is Dead is playing their final shows in Cleveland this Saturday July 23rd at the Beachland Ballroom. Be there for a great goodbye show from Mark Edwards and company. It should be a memorable time. Great timing for your post.

    Stephen Hanula

  2. Yes, second to last show ever tonight in Chapel Hill, NC. – trying to get over there right now! Huge fan since mid 80s.

    Thanks for a great share!

  3. Justin Crash Says:

    Thanks for this. i've been listening to The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get for about 20 years now, and i've never really explored any other discography selections. not sure why. now i will. 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great show in Cleveland with Doug Gillard!

  5. hello Frankie.

    nice work as usual.

    please forgive me if i pester you with a couple of requests, but they're two records that i have never had luck in finding, and i've been searching for them for ages, now.
    here we go:
    tirez tirez – scattered/scenery 7"
    para-music – neptune 7"

    man, any help would be extremely welcome!!!

    all the best,

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    Hey Iker, great to hear from you! Good news- Goutroy at A Viable Commercial just posted the Tirez Tirez 7''. Check it out here:

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