Two of China- Telk Mee 12”

Contained within we have a classic slice of Westside Music synthpop, circa 1984, courtesy of Jeffo!, a fellow NYC DJ.

Generally known as a vehicle for Andreas Tomalla (Moskwa TV, Bigod 20, MCL), Two Of China released three 12”s in total (2 if you’re not counting the Axodry collaboration), including a rather straightforward cover of “Los NiƱos Del Parque” by Liasons Dangereuses. This particular 12” can still be found for dirt cheap (that can also be said about most Westside releases), but we all know that just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good, don’t we?

Just noticed the back of this sleeve comes with the potent quotable: “If you don’t listen to this record you cannot enjoy the essence of future music.” Well, what are you waiting for, kids!

Two of China- Telk Mee 12”
1. Telk Mee (Wild Version)
2. Telk Mee (Strange Version)

*download it here*

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  1. Robert 'DJ RAF' Feutz Says:

    Thanks Frankie. I've always enjoyed Westside material! I don't have many of the 12"s, just a few comps., so this is nice to add to me archives!

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