Combined Minds- 1984 K7

This particular cassette was also donated by Ben, and features nine tracks from Combined Minds, a minimal synth band from Maryvale, Arizona.

The band operated as a three piece and recorded two cassettes for their own Multi-Purpose Musik label, an outlet for this project as well as prior releases dating back to 1979.

Always looking towards the future, this tape was released in 1983, and the follow up was released two years later. Lots of great sounds to be had here, especially for fans of Tone Set, League of Nations, (early) Soft Cell, and the more experimental side of the minimal synth spectrum. I can’t seem to get enough of “More Knobs Than Notes” and “Shop Town,” but this entire tape is a must hear for minimal synth fans big and small. Here’s the info:

Combined Minds- 1984 K7
1. Combined Minds
2. Feel The Beat
3. More Knobs Than Notes
4. Shop Town
5. Time To Relate
6. Nocturnal Nocturne
7. Comfortable
8. If I Don’t Move, I Can’t Dance
9. Sold American

*download link removed*

Sorry for the premature post, folks. I’ve just gotten word that this release (as well as several other Multi-Purpose Musik releases) are avaialbe from Shawn Helton, a member of Combined Minds who is still active in music today. Please click THIS link to read more about Helton and his projects, and to purchase these releases!

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  1. After a year from the date of this original post, I finally found it! I want to thank Ben for turning Systems Of Romance on to us and our music! I am always curious as to where my customers come from, and now I know this is one of those sources! So thank you Systems for blogging me!
    Shawn Helton
    Synergy SoundwerX

    • Frankie Teardrop Says:

      You’re very welcome, Shawn! Glad to hear from you and very happy to help spread the word! Do keep us posted on your current work!

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