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Anne Clark- Changing Places LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 1990s, 2000s, anne clark, experimental, new wave, poetry, spoken word, uk on February 27, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Anne Clark is an UK-based experimental musician and poet, who began her career in 1982 and still records to this day. Her work combines spoken word, experimental music, and minimal synth electronics in a rather successful manner, adding a bit more introspection to the dancefloor.

I’ve been especially into her second record these days, 1983’s Changing Places LP, which features the successful single “Sleeper in Metropolis,” which appeared in remixed form in 1985. The record’s A-side [trax 1-6] was recorded and composed by David Harrow, while the second side [trax 7-11] were written and performed by Vini Reiley of the Durutti Column, giving each side a distinctively different tone. Without any further ado, here’s the info for the record:

Anne Clark- Changing Places LP
1. Contact
2. Sleeper In Metropolis
3. Poem For A Nuclear Romance
4. Wallies
5. Lovers Audition
6. Poets Turmoil No. 364
7. Echoes Remain Forever
8. All Night Party
9. Pandoras Box
10. Feel
11. The Last Emotion

*download it here*

For yr viewing pleasure, here’s a clip of Anne Clark performing “Sleeper in Metropolis” live in 1992:

SSQ- Playback LP + Bonus

Posted in 1980s, 1983, new wave, ssq, stacey q, synthpop, US on February 24, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Synthpop/New Wave outfit SSQ were formed in 1982, changing their name from simply Q and adding two members. The name shift was mostly due to Quincy Jones’ use of the letter for his own production work.

The California-based band released just one record in 1983, but recorded two songs for the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack, released in 1985. Meanwhile, lead singer Stacey Swain’s popularity began to eclipse her remaining bandmates, and the outfit changed their name to simply Stacey Q. Most are familiar with her new wave hit “Two of Hearts,” though the remaining musicians are still credited as SSQ on the sleeves of Stacey Q’s first two records, Better Than Heaven and Hard Machine. The band also released a few tracks without Swain’s vocals, which appeared exclusively on soundtracks. Also worthy of note that core member Jon St. James not only manned the decks for Berlin’s Pleasure Victim LP (the two bands were labelmates over several occasions), but he also released two excellent synthpop records in the mid-1980s. His track “Trans-Atlantic” remains a favorite.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the band’s lone release as SSQ, 1983’s Playback, complete with extra bonus tracks including b-sides, extended mixes, 3/4 of the original Q 12”, and an infamous soundtrack appearance.

SSQ- Playback LP
1. Synthicide
2. Jet Town
3. Big Electronic Beat
4. Clockwork [instrumental]
5. Screaming In My Pillow
6. Anonymous
7. Walkman On
8. N’importe Quoi
9. Playback
10. In Living Color
11. Video Girl
12. Music’s Gone
13. Shy Girl
14. Trash’s Theme
15. Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die)
16. Big Electronic Beat (Extended)
17. Synthecide (Extended)

Tracks 1-8: LP
9-17: Bonus Tracks

*DOWNLOAD REMOVED BY REQUEST*- stay tuned news about a new SSQ reissue coming soon!

The album featured several singles which appear on Stacey Q’s respective greatest hits reecord. Both “Synthicide” and “Big Electronic Beat” had decent showings during their tenure, but I’m more partial to the penultimate track “Walkman On.” However, it’s been ages since I’ve posted videos on a regular basis, so click below to watch the promotional clip for “Synthicide” in all its shameless glory:

Oh Harry, You’re Such a Drag!- compilation

Posted in 1970s, 1980s, kitchen and the plastic spoons, new wave, our daughter's wedding, p1/e, screamers, synthpunk, Units on February 17, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

A bit of a request for today, ladies and gentlemen, as I’ve uploaded a rather stellar mix of early synthpunk/new/minimal wave tunes. I can’t take credit for creating it, as this mix was originally constructed by Miss Amy Sammartino, a friend of mine from California. It’s both a great introduction to the wonderful synth-based rock world, offering a few choice cuts spanning the late seventies/early eighties. The name derives from the 1966 satircal comedy Lord Love a Duck, the dialogue which is sampled on one of this mixes’ best tracks.

Some of these artists have been featured on these back pages (mostly in earlier days), while others are both favorites old and new, so be sure to give this mix a spin and let me know what you dig. I have full records by most bands on the mix, so I’d be happy to upload a few for curious parties. Here’s the tracklisting, without any further ado:

1. People Like You- Nervous Gender
2. Uncircumsized Twin- Plastic Idols
3. Appeal to Them- Tone Set
4. Elevate (7” Version)- Voice Farm
5. Alien Day- Radio Free Europe
6. Hold That Coed- Dow Jones and the Industrials
7. The Beat Goes On- The Screamers
8. Integrating Circuits- Standing Waves
9. The Politics of Ecstasy- Body Falling Downstairs
10. The Things That You Do- Bob
11. Breakout- Drinking Electricity
12. Microbes- Mekanik Commando
13. Out of Order- The Skinnies
14. Happy Funeral- Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
15. G-Stalt- Scientific Americans
16. Lawnchairs (Remix)- Our Daughter’s Wedding
17. Be A Zombie- Los Reactors
18. Shopping- Pink Section
19. 49 Second Romance (Disco Mix)- P1/E
20. Forever- Los Microwaves
21. We Need More Power- Geza X
22. Avorton- Edith Nylon
23. Nuclear Tofu- Amoebas in Chaos
24. Digital Stimulation- Units
25. Cardboard Lamb- Crash Course In Science
26. Chango- Devo

*download it here*

7/12” grab bag #3

Posted in 12'', 1980s, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1988, 7'', coldwave, grab bag, kuruki, minimal, minimal synth on February 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Last year, I made a point to upload a few rare 7” recordings in one post, offering a few new sounds for folks to pick up on. These proved to be rather popular, so I’ve decided to bring the series back. Here’s a blurb about each of the following releases:

Land of Giants- Cannibal Dolls/Seven Men 12”
Land of Giants were a Candian minimal wave band who released this one 12” single in 1982. The single topped the college charts in its day, and was praised by John Peel. No further release would appear until recently, when the band issued a CD featuring several new and unheard demo tracks recorded between 1982 and 1985, which can be purchased via paypal here.

1. Cannibal Dolls
2. Seven Men

Chromagain- Any Colour You Like Mini-LP
Once uploaded by Ale at the sadly defunct 7” From the Underground blog, this particular gem is one of the best wave recordings of its time. The three piece band hailed from Italy, and released this one five track record in 1985. “Satisfied” is easily one of my favorite tunes from the entire wave spectrum, so be sure to give this one a spin. *NOW REISSUED VIA ALESSANDRO’S OWN MANNEQUIN RECORDS!*

1. Satisfied
2. Spot
3. Killing Dome
4. After The Clouds
5. Season of Steel

Body 11- Mind 7”
Lone 1988 release by this German industrial/ebm collective. Nice and hard-hitting, with a few dance grooves thrown in for good measure. If anyone has any further information about this German duo’s whereabouts, feel free to pass it along!

1. Wasteland II
2. Fire
3. Hearts
4. Attack

Kuruki- Such a Liar 12”
Belgian new wave/italo-flavored duo known for their underground hit “Crocodile Tears,” released as a one-off single in 1981. That particular track also appears on this particular 12”, released just a few months later. A handful of singles followed over the next few years, and a full length appeared in 1984. Currently, vocalist Gerry D’Haeyer is in cahoots with Roland Van Campenhout, a Belgian blues artist.

The full length, TV Scape is available on Mutant Sounds, while 7” From the Underground has featured their debut single.

1. Such a Liar
2. Crocodile Tears
3. Yack Yack


Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP

Posted in 1980s, 1981, austrian, zyx on February 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Revisiting an old post from back in the day, and re/uploading the full Zyx record as a quick request, as our friend Soundhead is having a rest after the great zshare crash of ’08.

Check out the old post (linked above) for information about this Austrian wave act. Otherwise, check out the full record below. Apologies for the bit rate, 160kpbs seems to be the best that’s around.

Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP
1. Get Away Wisdom
2. Hey You
3. Little Boy’s Desires
4. Away To Freedom
5. When Darkness Comes
6. Trust No Woman
7. Sister Green Eyes
8. Mawkish
9. Bad Manners
10. What Do You Live For

*DOWNLOAD REMOVED* – this lp was reissued by Dark Entries Records!

Stay tuned, I have a 12” grab bag coming this afternoon!

Excès Nocturne- 7” & 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1985, 1989, 2000s, coldwave, Excès Nocturne, french on February 10, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Two frozen coldwave treats for you folks today, both early releases by Excès Nocturne, who formed in 1984 and split in 1989. At their peak, Excès Nocturne were a five piece, with alternating male and female vocals, but began and concluded as a quartet.

Excès Nocturne would reform in 2006, seventeen years after their initial demise, and remain active to this day. The band currently consists of Remy Lozowski (guitars), Richard Horon (bass), and Ariane-Corine Zimny (vocals). An EP of new material appeared just last month.

Uploaded below are the band’s original vinyl releases. The first, the Evacuation Immédiate 7”, was released in 1985, while their second, a self-titled 12”, appeared in 1989. These two releases were supplemented by several cassette releases (including a separate self-titled cassette, not to be confused with the 12”). The band’s entire discography has remastered and re-released by Infrastition, which coincidentally led to the band’s reformation, so be sure to click below to pick up a fresh CD copy. Meanwhile, here’s the info for these two fine vinyl releases:

Excès Nocturne- Evacuation Immédiate 7”
1. Evacuation Immédiate
2. L’ennemi

Excès Nocturne- Excès Nocturne 12”
1. L’Echo Des Lumières
2. L’Or A…
3. La Passion Des Jours
4. Le Soleil S’Est Noyé

*download both here*

Also, click below for the official video for ‘Cauchemars Blafards,’ the lead-off track from their self-titled 1988 cassette:

Again, be sure to pick up a copy of 86-06, Excès Nocturne’s full discography (excluding their 2009 release) on! Click below for ordering info:

Purchase 86-06 on
Excès Nocturne on

Daily Fauli- Fauli Til Dauli LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, Daily Fauli, denmark, experimental, minimal, minimal synth, Søren Fauli on February 6, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a rare experimental/minimal treat to start your weekend, ladies and gents. Little information available about Daily Fauli, but this lone record, released in 1983 on Gry Records, is a minimal synth gem, through and through. Hailing from Denmark, Daily Fauli is the one man project of Søren Fauli, who now works exclusively in film.

Naturally, this particular gem is hard to come by on vinyl, fetching rather high prices on most auction sites, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. It’s pressed on transparent green vinyl to boot, making it an extra rare and unique treat.

Anyway, enough blabbering, here’s the information proper:

Daily Fauli- Fauli Til Dauli LP
1. Bus
2. Out of Sync
3. Bird
4. Zoo 2
5. Hard Kogt 1
6. No 1 On 2
7. Nobody Home
8. Speed
9. Hard Kogt 2
10. Swinet

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED – please pick up an official copy of the reissue via Minimal Wave!

Have a good weekend, ducklings!

Moev- Zimmerkampf LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1990s, canadian, new wave, synthpop on February 2, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Moev were a successful Canadian synthpop band formed in 1981 by Tom Ferris and Cal Stephenson. Though initial demos primarily featured the duo, the band would expand to a four piece before recording their debut, 1982’s Zimmerkampf.

Original vocalist Madelaine Morris (featured on today’s upload) would depart in 1984, just as the remaining band members formed Nettwerk Records to release the 12” single “Toulyev.” Moev would continue to shift members over the remainder of their tenure, peaking in 1989 with Yeah Whatever. The album’s biggest single, the THX 1138 sample driven track “Crucify Me” placed at no. 4 in Rolling Stone’s Top Dance Tracks.

Their follow up record, 1990’s Head Down, would feature then budding Sarah McLachlan on backup vocals. At this point in time, Dean Russell was vocalist, but his death in 1994 ceased all Moev work for the next five years, as members pursued other musical projects until their reformation and subsequent reactivation in 1999.

Nettwerk Records, though originally formed as an outlet for Moev’s releases, has also released records by Sarah McLachlan, Skinny Puppy, Delerium, Chris & Cosey, Severed Heads, and most recently, Ladytron.

Moev- Zimmerkampf LP
1. In Your Head
2. Madhatter
3. M.T. M.T. N.M.E.
4. Rotting Germaniums
5. 90 Minutes
6. Remembrance Day
7. Cocoon
8. Feline Frauline
9. Common House

*download it here*

For more detailed information about Moev, please direct your attention to the links below:
Unofficial Moev page