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Tanz Waffen – Big Strong Man 12”

Posted in 1990, austin, darkwave, synth, synthpop, tanz waffen, US, zyx on February 3, 2023 by Frankie Teardrop

Happy belated new year, folks! I’ve been struggling to find time to keep this thing going, but I still have a huge backlog of things I’ve been digitizing in my spare time, so it’s time I kick back into gear here, I suppose. Let’s see if I can get two posts done today!

The first: a big big synth pop single from 1990 on ZYX Records. The project: Tanz Waffen, which translates to Dance Weapons. Despite their German name, the band hailed from Austin, Texas, and consisted of Jeff Campbell of The Secret Six and vocalist Nanz Campbell. After releasing this one single, the duo would join forces with like-minded Austin EBM project Mark of Kane to form Voodoo Dali, who released one cassette in 1991.

As for this single, the clear dance floor filler here is “Big Strong Man,” which appears in extended and 7” form. However, the third track, “Memories of Voices,” is a moodier, more esoteric track that showcases Nanz Campbell’s vocals and features some darkwave guitar throughout. The A-side certainly has Celebrate the Nun-esque vibes, while the flip reminds me a bit of Six Sed Red or Soma Holiday. Either way, the single is an absolute banger, and as with most of the ZYX catalog, is worth picking up!

Tanz Waffen – Big Strong Man 12”
1. Big Strong Man (Wild Boys Remix)
2. Big Strong Man (Wild Boys 7” Remix)
3. Memories of Voices

*download it here*

Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP

Posted in 1980s, 1981, austrian, zyx on February 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Revisiting an old post from back in the day, and re/uploading the full Zyx record as a quick request, as our friend Soundhead is having a rest after the great zshare crash of ’08.

Check out the old post (linked above) for information about this Austrian wave act. Otherwise, check out the full record below. Apologies for the bit rate, 160kpbs seems to be the best that’s around.

Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP
1. Get Away Wisdom
2. Hey You
3. Little Boy’s Desires
4. Away To Freedom
5. When Darkness Comes
6. Trust No Woman
7. Sister Green Eyes
8. Mawkish
9. Bad Manners
10. What Do You Live For

*DOWNLOAD REMOVED* – this lp was reissued by Dark Entries Records!

Stay tuned, I have a 12” grab bag coming this afternoon!


Posted in 1980s, austrian, minimal, wave, zyx on October 10, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s post features Austrain wave act ZYX, little known duo whose first and only record, Trust No Woman was released in 1981. Since it’s inception, it’s become a pioneering electronic recording and has recently seen an expanded cd rerelease, including a slew of earlier recordings as bonus tracks.

Little information is known about this gem, aside from a few bits about the duo’s work in performance arts and television after releasing Trust No Woman. If anyone else has anything else to contribute, chime up! Otherwise, here’s two standout tracks from Trust No Woman for your enjoyment.

download ZYX- ‘Trust No Woman’
download ZYX- ‘Bad Manners’

To pick up a cd copy of Trust No Woman, rereleased under the name Graf + Zyx and complete with bonus materials, click the link below:

Purchase ZYX- Trust No Woman