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Ohama- I Fear What I Might Hear LP

Posted in 1980s, 1984, canadian, minimal, minimal synth, new wave, Ohama on August 25, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Today’s post features the 1984 debut LP from Ohama, essentially a one man minimal wave project helmed by Canadian musician Tona W. Ohama, with occasional lyrical contributions by Johannes Halbertsma.

Over the course of three years, Ohama released two LPs and three singles. All of these releases (and more, including the 1986 Ohama Meets Dania LP) have been collected in an impressive 9xCD boxset, which may very well still be available by contact with Minimal Wave’s site. Should you dig this release, and should it still be available, I encourage you folks to snap up a copy of the set posthaste! Otherwise, here’s the info for the record.

Ohama- I Fear What I Might Hear LP
1. Of Whales
2. Sometimes
3. Feelings
4. Midnite News IV
5. Where Do You Call Home?
6. Midnite News II
7. Body Of Vagrant Waves
8. Part In Peace

*download it here*

Amin-Peck- Complete(?) Discography

Posted in 1980s, 1982, 1983, 1984, amin-peck, italian, italo disco, minimal synth, synthpop on August 20, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop
After the latest Sequins and Spandex debacle, and failing to track down a skipless version of “My Frames” on my own (many thanks to Veronica once more for fixing up a proper version), I’ve decided to compile each of the Amin-Peck singles together for any interested parties.

Like most ’80s electronic bands, Amin-Peck walked a fine line between italo disco and minimal wave throughout the course of the early 1980s, oftentimes incorporating shameless pop melodies and avant-garde leanings. The band was primarily a three piece (gaining vocalist Giorgio Fiorini to contribute vocals on their final 1984 12”).

As there’s no official bio kicking around the net, let’s allow the music to speak for itself, shall we? Here’s all the proper info:

Amin-Peck- Girls On Me 12” (1982)
1. Girls On Me
2. Anxiety
3. Coda

Amin-Peck- Love Disgrace 7” (1982)
1. Love Disgrace
2. Singing In The Wind

Amin-Peck- Suicidal 12”(1983)
1. Suicidal (Disco Version)
2. Suicidal (Instrumental Version)

Amin-Peck- Running Straight 12” (1984)
1. Running Straight
2. My Frames

*download all four here*

According to a few record collector sites, there are various dub and instrumental remixes of a few of these tracks kicking around, but I am unable to track anything concrete down. Should any of you out there have these rare and elusive remixes, feel free to send them my way and I’ll happily post a follow-up. Otherwise, enjoy!

Sequins and Spandex: Parte Tre

Posted in 1980s, disco, hi nrg, italo disco, mixes, new wave, sequins and spandex, space disco, synth, wave on August 18, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Since it’s been a regrettably long time since I’ve made one of these, I am pleased to unveil the latest addition to the Sequins and Spandex series. Unlike the previous installments, which featured a few modern cuts inspired by the original classics, the third in this series of italo, space disco, and hi-nrg dance traxx contains fourteen original tracks, dating from 1980-1987.

I had enough leftovers to make part four (and hell, maybe even a part five) in a few weeks time, so stay tuned! Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the tracklisting:

Sequins and Spandex: Parte Tre
1. Cybernetic Love- Casco
2. The World at Your Disposal- La Grotta
3. When I Let You Down- M & G
4. Bad Passion- Steel Mind
5. Telephone Computer- Crazy Gang
6. Never Ever- Peppermint Lounge
7. Love is Like a Game- Hot Cold
8. ‘Cause I Need You, ‘Cause I Love You- De De Mo
9. Voyage, Voyage- Desireless
10. Disco Band (Vocal)- Scotch
11. Young Men (Special Radio Version)- Nite Lite
12. Body Heat- Fockewulf 190
13. My Frames- Amin Peck
14. I Wanna Fly Away- Blue Russell

*download it here*

If you’re new to the blog or missed the first two editions of Sequins and Spandex, click HERE to nab ’em!

NOTE: If you downloaded this earlier today (10am or so, EST), redownload this version, with a corrected version of the Amin Peck track, courtesy of Veronica!

Šizike- U Zemlji Čuda LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, master scratch band, new wave, Šizike, synthpop, yugoslavian on August 13, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Once more, sorry for the delay! I keep meaning to start back up with regularity, but this summer has proven to be a busy affair. I just had the honor and pleasure of playing bass for Mark Burgess (of the Chameleons), joined onstage in New York and Philly by some talented local musicians. It was a last minute affair, learning the songs the night before (and sometimes, that day), and playing them as best as we could under the most terrifying of circumstances. Needless to say, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to date. I presume many readers are familiar with Burgess’ work with the Chameleons, but if not, pick some up posthaste! Otherwise, to any readers who were there, both on stage or off- thanks for the good times!

Anyway, on a different note, here’s an interesting treat that will hopefully get things back on track around here.

Šizike were a Yugoslavian dance/new wave band, known primarily in their home country for the slinky single “Don’t Stop.” The band was primarily an offshoot of the Master Scratch Band, who plucked three female vocalists to be the forefront of the project. The MSB played all instruments, while these three sirens provided the vocals for their lone release, 1984’s U Zemlji Čuda LP, an interesting and curious anomaly in the new wave spectrum.

The record is primarily a collection of songs, remixed or altered in various forms on the B-side. The project reminds me of a slower and synthier version of Fuzzbox, though obvious differences are notable. A little fun and fancy free…mildly cheesy at times, but oh so satisfying.

That reminds me, I should probably put a rip of the Fuzzbox LP up in full, to flesh out the post I made a ways back, but more on that soon. Here’s the details on this fine record:

Šizike- U Zemlji Čuda LP
1. Be-Bop-A-Lula
2. Ponavljačka Pesma
3. Don’t Stop
4. Svemirski Čistač
5. Patricia Twist
6. Don’t Stop (Remixed)
7. Hula-Hop Disco
8. Tužbalica
9. Čudni Ples
10. Mega-Mix Vol. 1.

*download it here*

To those of you who prefer to hear a track before taking the plunge, you’re in luck today. Click below to peep the official video for “Don’t Stop.”

Turning Shrines- Face of Another 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1985, boston, experimental, minimal synth, new wave, psychic tv, synthpop, turning shrines on August 6, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Phew, sorry for the delay folks. Life’s been a whirlwind.

To make up for my absence, I’ve since acquired and ripped the first Turning Shrines 12” record, released in 1985 on Psychic TV’s Temple Records. These four tracks are a bit more catchy than the full length EP I posted a few entries back, but are no less enjoyable, through and through. Click here for the release and more info on Turning Shrines, but otherwise, here’s the scoop on this particular gem.

Turning Shrines- Face of Another 12”
1. Face Of Another
2. 1/4 Circle Black
3. Dirt Test
4. Waking Up In The Dirt

*download link removed by request*