Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP

Revisiting an old post from back in the day, and re/uploading the full Zyx record as a quick request, as our friend Soundhead is having a rest after the great zshare crash of ’08.

Check out the old post (linked above) for information about this Austrian wave act. Otherwise, check out the full record below. Apologies for the bit rate, 160kpbs seems to be the best that’s around.

Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP
1. Get Away Wisdom
2. Hey You
3. Little Boy’s Desires
4. Away To Freedom
5. When Darkness Comes
6. Trust No Woman
7. Sister Green Eyes
8. Mawkish
9. Bad Manners
10. What Do You Live For

*DOWNLOAD REMOVED* – this lp was reissued by Dark Entries Records!

Stay tuned, I have a 12” grab bag coming this afternoon!

4 Responses to “Graf+Zyx- Trust No Woman LP”

  1. Hi! Long time visitor, first time commentator here – just wanted to say thanks thanks for this. This is an awesome album (‘Bad Manners’ in particular)!

  2. dirty judas Says:

    hey, I’m pretty sure this group is called GRAF+ZYX, not just ZYX. ZYX is like some silly asian super pop group or something.

  3. any chance of getting the download back?

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