Excès Nocturne- 7” & 12”

Two frozen coldwave treats for you folks today, both early releases by Excès Nocturne, who formed in 1984 and split in 1989. At their peak, Excès Nocturne were a five piece, with alternating male and female vocals, but began and concluded as a quartet.

Excès Nocturne would reform in 2006, seventeen years after their initial demise, and remain active to this day. The band currently consists of Remy Lozowski (guitars), Richard Horon (bass), and Ariane-Corine Zimny (vocals). An EP of new material appeared just last month.

Uploaded below are the band’s original vinyl releases. The first, the Evacuation Immédiate 7”, was released in 1985, while their second, a self-titled 12”, appeared in 1989. These two releases were supplemented by several cassette releases (including a separate self-titled cassette, not to be confused with the 12”). The band’s entire discography has remastered and re-released by Infrastition, which coincidentally led to the band’s reformation, so be sure to click below to pick up a fresh CD copy. Meanwhile, here’s the info for these two fine vinyl releases:

Excès Nocturne- Evacuation Immédiate 7”
1. Evacuation Immédiate
2. L’ennemi

Excès Nocturne- Excès Nocturne 12”
1. L’Echo Des Lumières
2. L’Or A…
3. La Passion Des Jours
4. Le Soleil S’Est Noyé

*download both here*

Also, click below for the official video for ‘Cauchemars Blafards,’ the lead-off track from their self-titled 1988 cassette:

Again, be sure to pick up a copy of 86-06, Excès Nocturne’s full discography (excluding their 2009 release) on Infrastition.com! Click below for ordering info:

Purchase 86-06 on Infrastition.com
Excès Nocturne on Myspace.com

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  1. merci, you have very good blog here and not enough praise

  2. Thanks for including the YouTube link— sometimes, even though the download is free, I’m not sure I’ll want to spend the time to DL it unless I’m sure it’s something I know I want. I’d never heard of this band before and the video piqued my interest right off. I don’t think the swirly guitar chorus-effect will ever get old for me. Merci!

    Royal Oak, MI

  3. Same here,i was searching for something refreshing and inspiring and i’ve just found it with this band i had neve heard of;thanks for sharing with us your wonderful blog.


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