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Oh Harry, You’re Such a Drag!- compilation

Posted in 1970s, 1980s, kitchen and the plastic spoons, new wave, our daughter's wedding, p1/e, screamers, synthpunk, Units on February 17, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

A bit of a request for today, ladies and gentlemen, as I’ve uploaded a rather stellar mix of early synthpunk/new/minimal wave tunes. I can’t take credit for creating it, as this mix was originally constructed by Miss Amy Sammartino, a friend of mine from California. It’s both a great introduction to the wonderful synth-based rock world, offering a few choice cuts spanning the late seventies/early eighties. The name derives from the 1966 satircal comedy Lord Love a Duck, the dialogue which is sampled on one of this mixes’ best tracks.

Some of these artists have been featured on these back pages (mostly in earlier days), while others are both favorites old and new, so be sure to give this mix a spin and let me know what you dig. I have full records by most bands on the mix, so I’d be happy to upload a few for curious parties. Here’s the tracklisting, without any further ado:

1. People Like You- Nervous Gender
2. Uncircumsized Twin- Plastic Idols
3. Appeal to Them- Tone Set
4. Elevate (7” Version)- Voice Farm
5. Alien Day- Radio Free Europe
6. Hold That Coed- Dow Jones and the Industrials
7. The Beat Goes On- The Screamers
8. Integrating Circuits- Standing Waves
9. The Politics of Ecstasy- Body Falling Downstairs
10. The Things That You Do- Bob
11. Breakout- Drinking Electricity
12. Microbes- Mekanik Commando
13. Out of Order- The Skinnies
14. Happy Funeral- Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
15. G-Stalt- Scientific Americans
16. Lawnchairs (Remix)- Our Daughter’s Wedding
17. Be A Zombie- Los Reactors
18. Shopping- Pink Section
19. 49 Second Romance (Disco Mix)- P1/E
20. Forever- Los Microwaves
21. We Need More Power- Geza X
22. Avorton- Edith Nylon
23. Nuclear Tofu- Amoebas in Chaos
24. Digital Stimulation- Units
25. Cardboard Lamb- Crash Course In Science
26. Chango- Devo

*download it here*

Our Daughter’s Wedding

Posted in 1980s, nyc, our daughter's wedding, synth, synthpunk, wave on September 10, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

Our Daughter’s Wedding were a quirky, New York City based wave outfit comparible to the likes of Devo and Suicide. The band formed in the wake of the initial New York punk movement in 1977, taking their name from a section of greeting cards found in shops.

By the time they would begin recording and releasing material, the original straightforward rock lineup would soon add synthesizers to the mix and slim down to a trio. Though they employed the techniques seen in a variety of new wave and synth acts, the band would stay more true to their punk upbrining, keeping their songs punchy and energetic and playing all of their instruments live without the aid of sequencers.

Their first single, ‘Nightlife’ was released in 1980 and failed to make any impact whatsoever, though their second attempt, ‘Lawnchairs’ made a splash in the college circuit. Alongside a few more 7” singles, the band would cut an EP and a full length record, 1982’s Moving Windows, but would soon split in 1983 without any further drive or mainstream success.

I’ve plucked two tracks for your listening pleasure. The first is a remix of their underground hit ‘Lawnchairs’ and the second is the opening track from the Digital Cowboy EP, released in 1981.

download Our Daughter’s Wedding- ‘Lawnchairs (Remix)’
download Our Daughter’s Wedding- ‘Target For Life’

Here’s a live video of Our Daughter’s Wedding performing “Target For Life:”

Though several collections of the band’s material have been pressed to cd, they remain currently out of print. For more information about the band however, please visit these handy-dandy links.
Myspace Page