Various Artists- Reset Records 1983-1985 Comp.

Uploading this one for a friend and figured I’d toss it up here as well. This particular release is an unofficial collection/torrent comprising of all the Reset Records 12 and 7 inches. For those unaware, Reset Records was formed by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure) and Eric Radcliffe, a collaborator and famed Mute Records producer. The releases are synth-based, as one might expect from the interests of the label’s founders.

Now for the contributors. Robert Marlow (real name Robert Allen), who released seven different slabs of wax for Reset, has a long history with Mute/Sire records. He played guitar with Alison Moyet in a punk band in ’77, and also appeared alongside Vince Clarke and Martin Gore in French Look, before Depeche Mode was officially formed. Marlow still makes music today under various monikers, including Marlow.

Peter Hewson, who released but one 7”, was a member of seventies glam/pop band Chicory Tip.

Hardware is a pseudonym for Radcliffe’s own music, and not much is known about Absolute, but I would love to hear more about them if anyone is in the know.

The compilation also contains a rare 12 and 7 inch release by Twilight. Twilight featured Erasure’s tour manager Andrew Mansi and future Nitzer Ebb tour manager Steev Toth. Though the record was released on Polydor, makes sense to collect it here due to Clarke’s production. Otherwise, without any further ado, here’s the tracklisting for the compilation:

CD 1
1. Robert Marlow- The Face Of Dorian Gray (Extended)
2. Robert Marlow- The Tale Of Dorian Gray (Extended)
3. Robert Marlow- I Just Want To Dance (Extended)
4. Robert Marlow- No Heart (Extended)
5. Robert Marlow- Claudette
6. Robert Marlow- This Happy World (Extended)
7. Robert Marlow- The Face Of Dorian Grey
8. Robert Marlow- The Tale Of Dorian Grey
9. Robert Marlow- I Just Wanna Dance
10. Robert Marlow- No Heart
11. Robert Marlow- Claudette
12. Robert Marlow- This Happy World
13. Robert Marlow- Calling All Destroyers
14. Robert Marlow – In Retrospect

CD 2:
1. Peter Hewson- Take My Hand
2. Peter Hewson- Her
3. Absolute- T.V. Glare
4. Absolute- At The Thirdstroke
5. Absolute- T.V. Glare (Extended)
6. Absolute- At The Third Stroke (Extended)
7. Absolute- Can’t You See
8. Absolute- Love In My Heart
9. Hardware- Dance
10. Hardware- Hey
11. Hardware- Dance (Extended)
12. Hardware- Hey (Extended)
13. Twilight- Just Me Alone
14. Twilight- Talk To You
15. Twilight- Just Me Alone (Extended)
16. Twilight- Talk To You (Extended)

*download it here*

9 Responses to “Various Artists- Reset Records 1983-1985 Comp.”

  1. chris sessions Says:

    Frankie, amazing blog! you always turn me onto great stuff. i love it. Unfortunately, this link isn't working for me. After waiting for the 50 seconds, it brings you back to the download page. If you get a chance, can you fix it? Thanks so much. You da man!

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    unfortunately chris, you're right! i had this problem with zshare last year, and i had to reupload everything. a real drag. anyway, i reuploaded this collection for you… fingers crossed the rest all behave!

  3. chris sessions Says:

    much appreciated Frankie! can't wait to listen… fingers crossed too. keep up the good work!

  4. Robert Marlow Says:

    Looking forward to my big fat royalty cheque! Just in time for Xmas.

  5. Want to know more about Absolute on Reset Records..?

    Speak to me !!

    • Scott Masters Says:

      I would LOVE to get/buy a good quality Lossless copy of “Does Anybody Want Me.” If it exists? Not sure if Absolute had a full album Released or not. I don’t see it on Discogs. Thanks in advance!

  6. P E C E Says:

    can't unzip the files 🙁

    i'm on a mac. which software do u use?

    great site! great music!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    thank you VERY much for these uploads! Guys I can help you: use OPERA !!
    Firefox does have problems with full album downloads in zshare, but with Opera 99% work perfectly!

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