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Μάκης Πρέκας (Makis Prekkas)- Recording Is An Art LP

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In stark contrast to yesterday’s guitar-heavy cassette, here’s an incredibly rare minimal synth LP from Greece, released in 1985. A mix of churning synths, psychedelic dirges, and experimental rhythms make up this release, a must hear for fans of Solid Space, Tranquil Eyes, Transparent Illusion, and bands of that caliber. There’s even a club-minded synthpop track (‘Morroco’) and a cut reminiscent of Damon Edge’s solo material (‘This is a Point’) hidden among the otherwise experimental set, so this should have something for everyone interested in the synth spectrum.

This is their only release, issued by Engima Records, an underground Greek label also responsible for Magic De Spell’s discography. Not a lot of info out there about this one, so let the music speak for itself:

Μάκης Πρέκας (Makis Prekkas)- Recording Is An Art LP
1. T 244
2. Control Room
3. That’s The Way Out
4. Kashmir
5. Morroco
6. Guitar
7. This Is A Point
8. Beki

*download it here*