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Hohokam- King 12”

Posted in 1980s, 1984, Hohokam, Numa Records on October 29, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve been keen on this band for some time, but never acquired more than a handful of tracks until picking up their debut 12” the other day. However, unlike most bands here on this site, there’s more info around about this one than most.

Named after an ancient archeological culture, Hohokam was first brought to attention by Gary Numan’s Numa records, formed as his popularity began to dwindle. While some may debate that Numan’s own material at this time was stagnant, the artists he was cultivating under Numa offered some fresh synthpop/new wave talent, including these scamps, who released three singles on the label. Numan would generally preside over the recordings, acting as producer and occasional contributor.

Rumor has it that these four lads trespassed onto Numan’s property with a demo tape that inspired him to create the label, and subsequently became the third release on the label. Their most succesful single, however, was a track called “Harlequin Tears,” which appears in both 12” and razormaid form, both which you can still hear in some more well-informed clubs to date.

The band supposedly recorded a full length, but it has never seen the light of day. After splitting up, drummer/keyboardist Tony Alum formed Aquilia with DJ Steve Andrews and continued on in a synthpop/techno vein.

Here’s the details for this 12”:

Hohokam- King 12”
1. King (Extended Mix)
2. The American Way
3. King (Radio Edit)

*download it here*

Fun fact: The name Hohokam apparently translates as “the ones who vanished.” Rather fitting for the blog! Read more about the band and this single here and here. Lyrics included!

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