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Bikini Atoll- 7” discography

Posted in 1980s, 1981, 1982, british, new wave, post-punk, uk on March 10, 2017 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s the full 7” discography by UK wave/post-punk band Bikini Atoll, who takes their name from a nuclear testing site in the Marshall Islands, located in the deep Pacific Ocean territory. As for the music, you can expect a mix of gloomy and jerky melodies, stellar female vox, icy synths, and a solid discography across these six tracks. If you dig things like Altered Images, Au Pairs, The Limp, Industrie etc. this is definitely the band for you.

Sadly, I don’t know much about them, though it appears that their lineup changed between the first and second single, mostly swapping their rhythm section. The first of the three is my least favorite (though not at all bad) so this might very well explain the jump in quality with a quick personnel shift. With that in mind, here’s the info for these killer singles:

Bikini Atoll- Don’t Reduce My Heart (To Beating Meat) 7” (1981)
1. Don’t Reduce My Heart (To Beating Meat)
2. Lucy In Furs (Laissez Faire De Lucifer)

Bikini Atoll- The Wall 7” (1981)
1. The Wall
2. Russian Doll

Bikini Atoll- Tribal Radio 7” (1982)
1. Tribal Radio
2. Splinter

*download all three here*

Toccata- We Are the Sub-Machines 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1987, british, new wave, synth, toccata, uk on October 8, 2013 by Frankie Teardrop

I first heard this one on a cassette while sitting in a car outside the Wierd party with Martial Canterel and Nick from Crispy Nuggets, and we all couldn’t get enough of it.  I’ve been trying to track the single down since with no luck, but many thanks to Klumpa for providing a rip of this one to share. We can expect a few more treats along these lines, including a handful of loose tracks just itching to be compiled and an Italo flavored 7” to come over the next few weeks.

Very little info to be found about this band (who shares the name with classical terminology, making it difficult to google), though the sleeve indicates that this was released in 1987 and featured the duo of Jan Sinclair and Pete Ward, with various guest musicans and backup singers contributing.  There are a few Pete/r Wards out there, some active around the same period, so I can’t really pinpoint which, if any, are responsible.  Believe me, I’ve tried!

However, here we have two excellent tracks, the a-side coming across like a Kissing the Pink/Eurythmics hybrid with a stomping, torch song rave-up, while the b-side has a very neofolk-esque frailty reminiscent of the Nature & Organisation record and other Rose Mcdowall contributions over the years…

Any more information on this one is welcome!

Toccata- We Are the Sub-Machines 7”
1. We Are the Sub-Machines
2. Gypsy Eyes

*download it here* (RE-RIPPED 11.21.15)

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1983, british, minimal, synth, testcard f, wave on October 27, 2010 by Frankie Teardrop

This one’s a little less pristine, but I’m still pleased to have a vastly improved rip of Testcard F’s first 7”, released in 1983. I originally uploaded an inferior (and potentially out of phase) version of the single back in 2008, with the remaining discography and several tidbits about the UK band. Unfortunately, it was the best copy of the tracks kicking around, and it’s taken me years to track down a better copy without paying a small fortune for it.

There’s a few cracks and pops on this copy (the a-side seems fairly well loved) but I hope you’ll all agree that it still makes for a cleaner, clearer, and more solid listen. Here’s the rundown:

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Unfamiliar Room

*download it here*

The Snake Corps- Smother Earth LP

Posted in 1980s, 1990, british, coldwave, dreampop, post-punk, sad lovers and giants, shoegaze, snake corps on January 9, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Tossing another quick request out there for your weekend enjoyment. I covered UK post-punk act the Snake Corps back in August of 2007, so take a peek at this post for all proper information on the band and their biography. Otherwise, enjoy this record, the band’s second, released in 1990.

The Snake Corps- Smother Earth LP
1. Seagull’s Eye
2. Calling You
3. Careful…
4. Everything Turns Blue
5. I’m Not Afraid
6. Colder Than The Kiss
7. Testament
8. More Than The Ocean
9. Come The Glorious Day
10. The Sky In Your Eyes
11. Possession
12. “This Is Seagull…”
13. Seagull’s Eye (Ext.)

*download link removed* – Now available on iTunes!

Family Fodder- Monkey Banana Kitchen LP

Posted in 1980, 1980s, art-punk, british, family fodder, synthpunk, uk on August 14, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s a fun little gem for you folks today… Below lies the first album by Family Fodder, an idiosyncratic London-based synth band active from 1979-1983 (though they officially formed in 1975). The four piece act consisted of Media Fodder and her three brothers Tod, Rod, and God, obviously a clever lot of pseudonyms, as their page reveals a sizeable lot of collaborative members, far more than four, with Alig Pearce being the only consistant member.

Family Fodder released two full lengths and several quirky 7” singles to a sizable cult following. Their fellowship with experimental post-punk act This Heat also helped bring the band to a bit of underground prominence.

Their music was generally playful, a hint of dub and reggae mixed with absurd, blissful pop, with synthpunk and sometimes experimental instrumentation. Most of the lyrics were also sung in French, courtesy of original vocalist Dominique Levillain, a combination rumored to be of some significant influence over Stereolab. Over the years, the band reformed several times over, recording and releasing sporadically since their initial demise in 1983. A handful of greatest hits collections have also appeared over the years, attempting to collect the band’s initial singles and best moments.

I’ve uploaded their first proper LP, 1980’s Monkey Banana Kitchen, which features ‘Savior Faire,’ an infectious little tune I can’t get enough of these days. Here’s the details and download information for the LP:

Family Fodder- Monkey Banana Kitchen LP
1. Darling
2. Symbols
3. Savoir Faire
4. Cold Wars
5. Monkey
6. Wrong
7. Organ Grinder
8. Love Song
9. Bass Adds Bass
10. Philosophy
11. Cerf Volant
12. Banana

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* – reissued in 2014 on LP and CD!

The only in-print Family Fodder disc seems to be one of the more recent compilations, a 42 track anthology that seems to include several of the band’s hits, including alternate versions and more recent recordings. A definite must-have for fans of the band! Here’s a link to purchase the collection, entitled More Great Hits!

purchase More Great Hits! via

Seems to be a myspace page available as well…Is it official? I can’t tell you at the moment due to work-related securities, but take a peek and decide for yourselves:

Family Fodder on

Aerial FX- Watching the Dance LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, aerial fx, british, new wave, post-punk, synth, uk on August 7, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Another request from down under, ladies and gentlemen…This time for UK post-punk/synth act Aerial FX, and their lone full-length, 1982’s Watching the Dance.

There’s little proper information to be found about Aerial FX, who has only three other 7” releases; 1980’s So Hard 1981’s Take It From Here, and 1982’s Instant Feelings. Seems that they split soon after releasing this full-length. The only solid information I can dig up mentions their involvement with Radiohead, arguably the biggest band in the world these days. Members Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge caught wind of the band through various demo tapes, liked what they heard, and got in touch. They still manage Radiohead to this day…

That said, it’s a shame their own outfit didn’t turn more heads during their tenure…Without any further ado, here’s the details for Watching the Dance:

Aerial FX- Watching the Dance LP
1. Out Of The Window
2. Who Is Down There
3. Hold Me
4. 5.15
5. Instant Feeling
6. Servitors
7. Accident
8. Where Is Tomorrow

*download link removed* – Reissue now available at Radiation Records silver and black.

Shoc Corridor- Train of Events LP

Posted in 1980s, 1985, british, darkwave, minimal, shoc corridor, synth, uk on July 21, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

While scouring the local record bins this past week, I came across the final Shoc Corridor LP tucked away in the ‘new arrivals’ section. Naturally, I clutched it tight and brought it to the register, and am pleased to be able to share it with you after giving it the digital transfer treatment.

See last week’s post for the band’s first LP. This one is a different creature…The same template is retained, yet the sound is infinitely brighter and less gloom-ridden, a rather incredible progression in just two years time. I do like this record less than their debut, but there are some gems hidden on this one, especially during the latter half of the record.

Without any further ado…

Shoc Corridor- Train of Events LP
1. Garden Of Eden
2. The Legendary Gertie
3. My Secret In The East
4. Nightshift Moves
5. Holding Treasure
6. Green Silence
7. Almost In Walking Distance
8. Fever

*download it here* (Re-ripped 8.13.17)

Shoc Corridor- Experiments In Incest LP

Posted in 1980s, 1983, british, darkwave, minimal, minimal synth, shoc corridor on July 11, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Shoc Corridor are a very recent discovery of mine, and a pretty damn enjoyable listen. The band is a London based darkwave/minimal synth outfit who formed in 1982 and split only two years later, leaving behind two LPs and a handful of 12” singles.

Though the band had several rotating members, it was mainly a studio project, core consisting of Andy Garnham and Paul O’Carroll. Original members Nogi Prass and Chris Davis left the band after their first 12” due to visa problems. However, tracks these two recorded appeared on their first proper LP, 1983’s Experiments in Incest (6 tracks long, it could be argued that it’s a mini-LP, though each track is on the long size). The band would record one more LP in 1984, but split soon after the suicide of then current bassist Paul Humphries. An anthology of the band’s material appeared on CD in 1993, but all of the band’s output seems to be very much out of print.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the Experiments in Incest LP:

Shoc Corridor- Experiments in Incest LP
1. Khartoum
2. On Reflexion
3. Artificial Horizon
4. Iceberg
5. In A Empty Room
6. Travelling By Hand

*download link removed* – this LP has been reissued by Dark Entries! Click here to purchase.

Click below for a semi-official myspace page:
Shoc Corridor on myspace

Testcard F- complete discography

Posted in 1980s, 1983, 1984, british, minimal, synth, testcard f, wave on July 9, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

I’ve had several requests this year for the remaining discography of Norwich minimal band Testcard F. Firstly, here’s my previously quoted entry on the band, with download information following:

“Testcard F formed in 1981, and reconstructed and built their own synthesizers throughout their tenure. Unlike some synth-punk and minimal wave acts of the time, this band near-completely utilized electronic instruments, drum machines, and backing tapes; the only organic instrumentation appearing in the form of trash cans, coat racks, and other assorted bits of debris. Oftentimes, their live performances would be slagged viciously by heckling attendees, anxious for guitars. One particular gig in their hometown of Norwich ended in a small riot.

The band split immediately on the brink of success after winning a Norwich battle of the bands and recording their two singles and Peel Session in 1984.”

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Unfamiliar Room

Testcard F- Third Stroke 7”
1. Third Stroke
2. If Only It Wasn’t

Testcard F- Peel Session (12.18.1982)
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Blanket Expression
3. If Only It Wasn’t
4. Unfamiliar Room

*download it all here*

7” grab bag no. 2

Posted in 1970s, 1977, 1979, 1980s, 1981, 1985, 7'', british, coldwave, french, grab bag, industrial, lars falk, metal urbain, post-punk, spk, synthpunk, twice a man on June 30, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Sorry for the delay here, folks…but to make up for it, here’s another one of those 7” grab bag posts, in which i’ve zipped up four singles for your listening pleasure, including one request from an Australian chum. Here’s the information and a quick blurb about each 7”.

SPK- No More 7” (1979)
1. No More
2. Contact
3. Germanik

This is the very first release by Australian industrial collective SPK, and certainly one of their most primitive and direct. This one was a limited run of 200 copies, and the a-side has yet to appear on a proper CD release, though both ‘Contact’ and ‘Germanik’ are featured on their Auto-Da-Fé LP.

Metal Urbain- Panik 7” (1977)
1. Panik
2. Lady Coca Cola

One of the very first synthpunk bands…French origins. This is their first 7” single, but most of their earlier work has since been collected on the Anarchy In Paris compilation.

Lars Falk- TV Eye 7” (1985)
1. TV Eye
2. Doors

Lars Falk is one of the ex-contributing members of Swedish coldwave act Twice a Man, who’s previously featured here. Though it shares the name with the Stooges classic, the a-side is an original number.

Where’s Lisse?- Talk Takes Too Long 7” (1981)
1. Talk Takes Too Long
2. You Stole My Gun

There’s something charming about this otherwise rickety and rough record from this British four piece. This is one of two releases (they followed this with an equally scarce 12” single), and is chock full of early post-punk energy. EDIT: cover scan provied by Rudeboy Noah! Thanks a ton!

*download all four here*