Shoc Corridor- Train of Events LP

While scouring the local record bins this past week, I came across the final Shoc Corridor LP tucked away in the ‘new arrivals’ section. Naturally, I clutched it tight and brought it to the register, and am pleased to be able to share it with you after giving it the digital transfer treatment.

See last week’s post for the band’s first LP. This one is a different creature…The same template is retained, yet the sound is infinitely brighter and less gloom-ridden, a rather incredible progression in just two years time. I do like this record less than their debut, but there are some gems hidden on this one, especially during the latter half of the record.

Without any further ado…

Shoc Corridor- Train of Events LP
1. Garden Of Eden
2. The Legendary Gertie
3. My Secret In The East
4. Nightshift Moves
5. Holding Treasure
6. Green Silence
7. Almost In Walking Distance
8. Fever

*download it here* (Re-ripped 8.13.17)

12 Responses to “Shoc Corridor- Train of Events LP”

  1. Curious Guy Says:

    Their only record I never heard before. Much appreciated!

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    thanks anon, of course, i forgot to take a shot of the cover again today, so this’ll have to do for now!

  3. illusion Says:

    simply fantastic!!!

  4. noisepress Says:

    great, i was looking for this for ages! thank you very much:)

  5. Liking both of these records a great deal. For some reason, “Train of Events” is calling Moev to mind, but if I actually think about it, they aren’t terribly similar.

  6. Hi Frankie,

    thanks a lot for this one. Have their Experiments LP and I’m curious about their other outings.
    Come around my place, if you like.
    I don’t have too much wave to offer , but maybe you’ll find something…

  7. This and Experiments are both password protected, but I can't find a password on your site…

  8. frankie teardrop Says:

    Chloe, neither record should be password protected— try your download again and check your unzip settings.

  9. Ooops. Redownloaded and it works. Sorry to be that person! heh.

    I'm listening…it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Amazing Band. More like this?

  11. Paul O'Carroll Says:

    There has been some activity with our back catalogue over the past few years. Artificial Horizon was released on Testoon in Belgium a few years back with some interesting remixes. The first lp was re-released on Dark Entries in 2015. This month, Dark Entries have ‘re-released a Blind Sign (our first 12 inch) with an extra track, the original demo of Sargasso Sea. Could be more to come! Paul O’Carroll, Shock Corridor.

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