Testcard F- complete discography

I’ve had several requests this year for the remaining discography of Norwich minimal band Testcard F. Firstly, here’s my previously quoted entry on the band, with download information following:

“Testcard F formed in 1981, and reconstructed and built their own synthesizers throughout their tenure. Unlike some synth-punk and minimal wave acts of the time, this band near-completely utilized electronic instruments, drum machines, and backing tapes; the only organic instrumentation appearing in the form of trash cans, coat racks, and other assorted bits of debris. Oftentimes, their live performances would be slagged viciously by heckling attendees, anxious for guitars. One particular gig in their hometown of Norwich ended in a small riot.

The band split immediately on the brink of success after winning a Norwich battle of the bands and recording their two singles and Peel Session in 1984.”

Testcard F- Bandwagon Tango 7”
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Unfamiliar Room

Testcard F- Third Stroke 7”
1. Third Stroke
2. If Only It Wasn’t

Testcard F- Peel Session (12.18.1982)
1. Bandwagon Tango
2. Blanket Expression
3. If Only It Wasn’t
4. Unfamiliar Room

*download it all here*

12 Responses to “Testcard F- complete discography”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Very cool. I have been waiting to hear this band for awhile. So, they only came out with 5 different songs? Too bad…

    Thnx sir.

  2. hey, the link goes to nowhere…
    any chance on a “re-up”?? this one seems like it’ll be killer! thanx!

  3. sorry, link worked just after i commented… looking forward to it.. thanx again!

  4. illusion Says:

    a little treasure!!!!

  5. Fantasmi Says:

    This is a treat..


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I remember his from a long time ago on peel. thanks !

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm, the download link appears to be bust. It goes to zShare OK, but the download link there seems to do nada.

  8. Another brilliant band with a tiny amount of recorded material *sigh*

    Thanks very much for this. I loved the two b-sides you posted before, and now I can’t get enough of ‘Blanket Expression.’

  9. Any way you can re-up the download? It's been dead for a while. Thnx.

  10. Thanks for posting the download – I bought Bandwagon Tango at the time and have the John Peel session on tape somewhere… Such a pity Testcard F didn't do anything more…

  11. Novemberer Says:

    Many thanks for this, Testcard F's Peel session was the 1st I ever taped off of the radio, back in '82 when I was a clueless schoolkid…

    I'd forgotten all about it 'til last weekend when I was thumbing through the In Session Tonight book – figured nobody else would remember 'em, let alone post their entire discography – excellent work! x

  12. […] in 1983. I originally uploaded an inferior (and potentially out of phase) version of the single back in 2008, with the remaining discography and several tidbits about the UK band. Unfortunately, it was the […]

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