Shoc Corridor- Experiments In Incest LP

Shoc Corridor are a very recent discovery of mine, and a pretty damn enjoyable listen. The band is a London based darkwave/minimal synth outfit who formed in 1982 and split only two years later, leaving behind two LPs and a handful of 12” singles.

Though the band had several rotating members, it was mainly a studio project, core consisting of Andy Garnham and Paul O’Carroll. Original members Nogi Prass and Chris Davis left the band after their first 12” due to visa problems. However, tracks these two recorded appeared on their first proper LP, 1983’s Experiments in Incest (6 tracks long, it could be argued that it’s a mini-LP, though each track is on the long size). The band would record one more LP in 1984, but split soon after the suicide of then current bassist Paul Humphries. An anthology of the band’s material appeared on CD in 1993, but all of the band’s output seems to be very much out of print.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the Experiments in Incest LP:

Shoc Corridor- Experiments in Incest LP
1. Khartoum
2. On Reflexion
3. Artificial Horizon
4. Iceberg
5. In A Empty Room
6. Travelling By Hand

*download link removed* – this LP has been reissued by Dark Entries! Click here to purchase.

Click below for a semi-official myspace page:
Shoc Corridor on myspace

8 Responses to “Shoc Corridor- Experiments In Incest LP”

  1. illusion Says:

    i was looking for!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There was an archival release I saw of this band. It was anthology release actually. I am not sure how long ago it was put out.

  3. Jim Slip Says:

    AWESOME!! Thanks a lot.

  4. oldskool Says:

    Great! This is awesome, to say the least. “Travelling By Hand” is my favourite at the moment. Great, great music, thank you very much! Cannot wait to listen for the other album you posted.

  5. Great band , great album.

  6. cristian Says:

    great discovery, and they still sound so fresh… this minimal synth psychedelic disco light is just what the cool kids would adore… and this great voice! it’s pity they’re that unknown! thanks again!

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  8. Thanks so much for the post!

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