The Snake Corps- Smother Earth LP

Tossing another quick request out there for your weekend enjoyment. I covered UK post-punk act the Snake Corps back in August of 2007, so take a peek at this post for all proper information on the band and their biography. Otherwise, enjoy this record, the band’s second, released in 1990.

The Snake Corps- Smother Earth LP
1. Seagull’s Eye
2. Calling You
3. Careful…
4. Everything Turns Blue
5. I’m Not Afraid
6. Colder Than The Kiss
7. Testament
8. More Than The Ocean
9. Come The Glorious Day
10. The Sky In Your Eyes
11. Possession
12. “This Is Seagull…”
13. Seagull’s Eye (Ext.)

*download link removed* – Now available on iTunes!

8 Responses to “The Snake Corps- Smother Earth LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    why do you go through all this effort? are you getting paid or something?

    either way, please keep it up, this archive is really great.

  2. Thank You

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have love SLAG and Snake Corps since around 1987. I was hoping SLAG would reunite and I was willing to fly to california to see some shows but I guess that sort of fizzled out. Anyway thanks for posting this album. I only have the retrospective on CD so this is much appreciated.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Guys Marc Lewis of the Snakecorps has a new album out – check out

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi! a BIG thank you for this great post. this is a very good band.
    there’s some Snake Corps single B’sides not on lps. here’s the list:
    – Painted Ocean (1986)
    – Hit The Cat (1987)
    – When I See You (1990)
    – Silence (1992)
    can you post them please?

  6. […] was released on Midnight Music, the label who also were responsible for Sad Lovers and Giants and The Snake Corps, two of the band’s closest sonic […]

  7. White#Trash Says:

    i’ve The Essence full lenght discography on LP & 12″ & some 7″ and CD & CD SINGLES plus some live boot directly recorded from me and really unvailable elsewere (my bootlegs it’s only for my private use…) I JALOUSLY GUARDS.

  8. White#Trash Says:

    Snake Corps: I’ve only SMOTHER EARTH – CD

    Can you post B-sides 12″ singles request above???

    Great blog, how would we do without????

    Please keep it up.


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