I’m So Hollow- Peel Session 8.13.80

Thanks to a generous donation from Kevin Crow, I am pleased to offer the long lost I’m So Hollow peel session, recorded on the 13th of August, 1980. Two of the tracks are exclusive to this release, not recorded or released in any other form. The first two, however, appear on their debut 7”, 1980’s Dreams to Fill the Vacuum and their 1981 full length, Emotion/Sound/Motion, respectively. You can download their entire discography here!

Here’s the Peel Session info:

I’m So Hollow- Peel Session 8.13.80
1. Dreams to Fill the Vacuum
2. Which Way?
3. Monotony
4. Fashion

*download it here*

2 Responses to “I’m So Hollow- Peel Session 8.13.80”

  1. I’m So Hollow is brilliant and you are brilliant too for making this available to the world.

  2. Link still works in 2013. I had the pleasure of interviewing ISH for a feature I did on Sheffield bands back in 79. Thoroughly lovely bunch of people, very grounded with that great dry Yorks humour. They use to rehearse in the basement of (I think) Joe’s parents’ house. I got to watch one afternoon – great memory.

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