Beograd- Remek Depo LP

Here’s the entire discography for Beograd, a killer Serbian minimal synth project formed in 1981. Beginning as a four piece, the band would most often appear as a trio, who recorded the majority of the band’s output, including one 7” and one full length LP. Surprised I haven’t seen either of these posted through the usual channels, as each of these releases are essential, in my opinion.

The band didn’t stay together very long, splitting up in 1983. One of the members would then release a 12” with Haj’mo, which I’d love to hear if anyone has a copy kicking around. That all said, here’s both of the band’s releases, zipped up for yr enjoyment!

Beograd- Sanjaš Li U Boji? 7” (1981)*
1. Sanjaš Li U Boji?
2. T.V.

*My donated copy has the a-side and the b-side switched, with T.V. as the a-side. Hope you kids don’t mind too much…

Beograd- Remek Depo LP (1983)
1. Opasne Igre
2. Ulice Su Noćas
3. Ko Si
4. Japan (Made In East)
5. Mrak
6. Kontrolori
7. Modni Kroj
8. Soba
9. Beg

*download it here*

**March 2012: The TV 7” has recently been reissued by Anna Logue records, so I’ve just reuploaded the LP.

I have a few more posts lined up for the week, but a lot on the slate. Maybe I’ll toss another one or two up today to keep you all satiated for now! Either way, stay tuned for more goodies to come follow.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Love your dedication to the Eastern Bloc- Borghesia, Sizike, Beograd and more! Some of the most quirky and interesting of the minimal synth set. Thanks!

  2. Here's the Haj'mo – Irina you wanted to hear:

    Keep up the good work.


  3. frankie teardrop Says:

    Many thanks!

  4. eto pronašao i Remek Depo!

  5. Mnogu se raduvam

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