Weep- Never Ever demo

Now, listen up kids, this one is something brand-spanking new, and certainly special. I’m pleased to bring you five tracks from a prolific and multi-talented gentlemen who you may remember from such multimedia projects as the Venture Brothers, Mors Syphilitica, and Requiem in White.

Doc Hammer’s newest musical endeavor, simply entitled Weep, is his best yet, and instead of relying on operatic female vocals, his own voice graces these tracks and adds a new and exciting element to the already stellar, driving music. This demo was completely self-recorded, and each track is passionate and gripping without being overwrought and overbearing. It calls to mind the best epic swirls of shoegaze, the heaviest percussion of early post-punk, and tosses dozens of unforgettable hooks in for good measure. Weep was just unveiled this year, and will soon develop into a full-fledged live band, as these songs are simply a taste of what’s to come. A damn fine taste.

Here’s the tracklisting:

Weep- Never Ever demo
1. The Weep
2. Lay There and Drown
3. The Hole
4. One Lock, One Key
5. Can’t Be True

*download link removed*

Otherwise, for more information about Weep, visit the official myspace page, linked just below. Also, I’ve reviewed the demo for Post Punk dot com, so take a peek if you’re so inclined.

Weep on myspace
Post-punk myspace

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