Grauzone- Die Sunrise Tapes LP

A quick lazy Sunday post…I’ve had this one uploaded on divshare for a few months now, but forgot to post it here for everyone to enjoy. For a full writeup on Grauzone, see this post here, and otherwise, enjoy this classic Swiss minimal collection, released in 1998 and compiling Grauzone’s studio output.

Grauzone- Die Sunrise Tapes LP
1. Film 2
2. Eisbar
3. Hinter Den Bergen
4. Maikafer Flieg
5. Marmelade Und Himbeereis
6. Wutendes Glas
7. Kalte Kriecht
8. Kunstgewerbe
9. Der Weg Zu Zweit
10. In Der Nacht
11. Traume Mit Mir
12. Ich Und Du
13. Moskau
14. Ich Lieb Sie
15. Schlachtet
16. Raum

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED*- Full Grauzone discography has been reissued as of 2010. Click here to grab a copy from CD Baby.

5 Responses to “Grauzone- Die Sunrise Tapes LP”

  1. Fantastic blog! Thanks for the great music. Just an FYI…tracks 11-16 are missing from the download…is there a Part 2?

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    very strange- thanks for the head’s up. i’ll have it sorted out by this evening!

  3. Thanks for the re-upload!

  4. They are more new wave than minimal electronic for me. I regret that they didn`t make more tracks like “Eisbar”.

    Do you have maybe a compilation of early tracks of No More – guys responsible for all-time “Suicide Commando” hit?

    It would be great!

  5. eberfilosofia Says:

    Deus te pague!

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