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Today’s post features Chris + Cosey*, an eclectic and prolific duo formed in the wake of Throbbing Gristle’s initial demise.

In 1981, hot on the heels** of their previous outfit’s split, members Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti formed a duo to continue their musical experiments. Though their approach still featured some sonic similarities to Throbbing Gristle’s pioneering industrial work, Chris + Cosey would apply more song structure and pop sensibilities to some of their records, whilst others would meander just as dangerously.

Chris + Cosey would release over a dozen albums on several different labels, including their own Conspiracy International (aka CTI) label, and would record several collaborative works with the likes of Monte Cazzaza***, Coil, and the Eurythmics throughout their tenure. Though both members have explored solo ventures under CTI, the duo still collaborate together, these days as Carter Tutti, and the pair have also reactivated Throbbing Gristle with other original members Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson, and have released an EP and a full length under their original outfit.

Though my favorite Chris + Cosey track remains ‘Haunted Heroes,’ a brief haunting ambient piece, I’ve uploaded three of their more synth/wave tracks for your listening pleasure. The first opens their 1985 record Techno Primitiv, the second hails from 1989’s Trust, and the third is featured on 1991’s Pagan Tango.

download Chris + Cosey- ‘Hazey Daze’
download Chris + Cosey- ‘Percusex’
download Chris + Cosey- ‘Cords of Love’

and for your eyes, the video for 1984 track ‘The Final Calling:’

For a full discography and tons of information on Chris + Cosey, including links to purchase more choice CTI recordings, please visit the following link:

Chris + Cosey homepage

*normally, there’s an ampersand in their name instead of a plus sign, but blogger won’t let me use one.
**see what i did there?
***who may appear shortly in these pages.

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  1. Love Chris + Cosey. They released a great dance song under the name The Genetic Terrorists called Machine Gun, which used samples from various horror files, most notably the great line from Aliens “get away from her, you bitch!” Of course, that was back when you could sample music without having your ass sued off.

  2. Any chance you can re-upload these Chris + Cosey albums?? Looks like the download links don’t work anymore. Huge fan of what you’ve done on this site, thanks so much for sharing all your music knowledge and history!!

  3. please reUPLOAD

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