KaS Product- Try Out LP

KaS Product were a French coldwave duo from Nancy by way of Strasbourg, formed in 1980 by French musician Spatsz (aka Daniel Favre) on electronics and Mona Soyoc, a jazz singer from the United States on vocal duties, piano, and guitar. The band formed in 1980, were signed to RCA for a brief period, released a series of singles and three seminal electronic/coldwave records, and split neatly in 1990, though the band has recently reunited for a series of live performances in Europe. Other scattered sources claim Rowland S. Howard of Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls fame occasionally collaborated with the band in a live setting.

KaS Product’s sound is more tense, abrasive, and synth-driven than their contemporaries (akin to the likes of Suicide or Soft Cell’s darker material), partially due to Spatsz’s interest in classic analog synthetics and abrasive textures, the tension in their music seemingly a result of his working stint in a psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, a trickle of Mona’s jazz upbringing creeps into the band’s style, creating a rather unique hybrid of sharp melodies and icy electronics.

Though all four of their records make for solid listening, I’ve uploaded their debut album, 1982’s Try Out.


KaS Product- Try Out LP
1. One of the Kind
2. Man of Time
3. No Shame
4. Countdown
5. Never Come Back
6. Underground Movie
7. So Young But So Cold
8. Digging in a Hole
9. Sober
10. Breakloose
11. Pussy X

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- both Try Out and By Pass have been reissued on CD/LP and digitally via iTunes.  Feel free to update your copies!  You can also visit the band at their official website.

To watch the classic video for ‘Never Come Back,’ click below:

Happy holidays, ladies and gentlemen! See you folks in a week’s time.

11 Responses to “KaS Product- Try Out LP”

  1. The Mongoose Says:

    Funny, The Rattler and I were talking about Kas Product today. I was going to post By Pass because he thinks Looney Bin should be in a car commercial. Oh well, nice post.

  2. I saw them on stage in the 80’s in a small club in Strasbourg. What good times it was ! I just started a blog too, try it : http://geranium-rollmops.blogspot.com/

  3. Mainsane!!! Says:

    I’ve been listening to Kas Product since I bought the LP “by pass”.

    I don’t bother about categories of music, just that it tells me something and that I feel anything as I listen 2 it.

    I know there’s some myspace website, but…that grrl, no thanks!

  4. Jurassik Dark Says:

    nice blog – i'm downloading revel hotel's album – thanx

  5. hello, mr teardrop!

    I hope you dont get this the wrong way, ´because – to say this first: this your blog (along with those other wave blogs) cannot be thanked enough for making this strange, beautiful and painfully rare music available! yet I HAVE to ask: would it in any way be possible you reripped some (the kas products p.e.) albums in 320kbs quality?
    I would freakin love to spread this music into the parties, making the people DANCE to this!
    you think there could be a chance we could connect? via ftp maybe?

    feel free if you choose to email me on

    I repeat my hope you dont consider this inappropriate or anything!

    however it turns out
    for what you've done already many thanks and regards from
    heidelberg, germany

  6. Descomposed Says:

    Thank's for sharing!

  7. Hello. Nice blog, indeed. Kas Product were from France all right, more precisely from Strasbourg in Alsatia, i.e. the quite german area of France. Also, Mona Soyoc is not american, I mean, not an US citizen: she's from Uruguay.

  8. Looking forward to hearing this.

    So Young But So Cold is intense!

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