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Informatics- Dezinformatsiya 7”

Posted in 1980s, 1982, australia, informatics, minimal synth, reissued on March 11, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

I have a few requests to tackle over the next few weeks (including some Malaria and some of the bands featured previously on the Oh Harry, You’re Such a Drag! compilation), but first, here’s a quick 4 song 7” EP for your persual from Australian minimal synth band Informatics, who existed for a brief period in the early 1980s.

The band would only release two singles throughout their brief career, both which though released three years apart, seem to contain the same tracks. However, a CD-R collecting previously recorded tracks as well as a slew unreleased material appeared in 2002. Without any further ado, here’s the information for the Informatics debut 7”, released in 1982:

Informatics- Dezinformatsiya 7”
1. What a World
2. Hungry Pets
3. Proximity Switch (Accidents in Paradise)
4. Satellite to Russia

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED:  please purchase the official Informatics reissue via Dark Entries records!

In the Garden of Euterpe
, the aforementioned 2002 compilation of Informatics tracks, is still available on CD-R through the band’s website, so if you dig these four tunes, be sure to upgrade to an official copy by clicking the link below!

purchase In the Garden of Euterpe

Experimental Products- Prototype LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, experimental products, minimal, minimal synth, philadelphia, reissued, synth, US on September 29, 2008 by Frankie Teardrop

Experimental Products were a two-man minimal synth project who formed in Delaware in 1982, but operated heavily out of Philadelphia, PA. By the time the group disbanded in 1987, they had expanded to four members and had released one full length LP and a handful of 12” records of pioneering electro-wave greatness. Mark Wilde and Michael Gross remained the core members of the band until their demise.

Uploaded below is their lone LP, 1982’s Prototype, originally released on Short Circuit Records.

Experimental Products- Prototype LP
1. Modern Living
2. Sweet Rejection
3. New Project
4. Feeling Left Out
5. Nightmares I
6. The Addict
7. Anesthetic
8. Streetwalk
9. Clear Image
10. Nightmares II

*download it here*

Vinyl on Demand has remastered and reissued this classic record just this year, an expanded edition with an extra vinyl disc of live/unreleased material! Check it out and make sure you pick up a copy and trash these mp3s if you dig it! Also, click below for a myspace page for Experimental Products:

Vinyl on Demand
Experimental Products on myspace

KaS Product- Try Out LP

Posted in 1980s, 1982, coldwave, france, french, kas product, reformed, reissued, synthpunk on December 21, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

KaS Product were a French coldwave duo from Nancy by way of Strasbourg, formed in 1980 by French musician Spatsz (aka Daniel Favre) on electronics and Mona Soyoc, a jazz singer from the United States on vocal duties, piano, and guitar. The band formed in 1980, were signed to RCA for a brief period, released a series of singles and three seminal electronic/coldwave records, and split neatly in 1990, though the band has recently reunited for a series of live performances in Europe. Other scattered sources claim Rowland S. Howard of Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls fame occasionally collaborated with the band in a live setting.

KaS Product’s sound is more tense, abrasive, and synth-driven than their contemporaries (akin to the likes of Suicide or Soft Cell’s darker material), partially due to Spatsz’s interest in classic analog synthetics and abrasive textures, the tension in their music seemingly a result of his working stint in a psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, a trickle of Mona’s jazz upbringing creeps into the band’s style, creating a rather unique hybrid of sharp melodies and icy electronics.

Though all four of their records make for solid listening, I’ve uploaded their debut album, 1982’s Try Out.


KaS Product- Try Out LP
1. One of the Kind
2. Man of Time
3. No Shame
4. Countdown
5. Never Come Back
6. Underground Movie
7. So Young But So Cold
8. Digging in a Hole
9. Sober
10. Breakloose
11. Pussy X

DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED- both Try Out and By Pass have been reissued on CD/LP and digitally via iTunes.  Feel free to update your copies!  You can also visit the band at their official website.

To watch the classic video for ‘Never Come Back,’ click below:

Happy holidays, ladies and gentlemen! See you folks in a week’s time.