Experimental Products- Prototype LP

Experimental Products were a two-man minimal synth project who formed in Delaware in 1982, but operated heavily out of Philadelphia, PA. By the time the group disbanded in 1987, they had expanded to four members and had released one full length LP and a handful of 12” records of pioneering electro-wave greatness. Mark Wilde and Michael Gross remained the core members of the band until their demise.

Uploaded below is their lone LP, 1982’s Prototype, originally released on Short Circuit Records.

Experimental Products- Prototype LP
1. Modern Living
2. Sweet Rejection
3. New Project
4. Feeling Left Out
5. Nightmares I
6. The Addict
7. Anesthetic
8. Streetwalk
9. Clear Image
10. Nightmares II

*download it here*

Vinyl on Demand has remastered and reissued this classic record just this year, an expanded edition with an extra vinyl disc of live/unreleased material! Check it out and make sure you pick up a copy and trash these mp3s if you dig it! Also, click below for a myspace page for Experimental Products:

Vinyl on Demand
Experimental Products on myspace

9 Responses to “Experimental Products- Prototype LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Michael Gross posted a radio interview on his myspace page. The group formed in Claymont, Delaware, not Philadelphia….where they played the club scene for awhile. His co-band member is deceased. Great talents.

  2. thank you a lot for this its aawesome. keep doing this you are appreciated thank you.

  3. I’ve been looking for this music for 20 years and will purchase the re-issue. I also have the complete collection of a synthpunk band from Arizona called Tone Set. Please contact me at mauisolutions@gmail.com for details. Thanks. Steven

  4. This LP doesnt have their most played and popular track , which i forget the name of , but it goes “Glowing in the dark again” or something… Thanks for the post!

  5. PatPending74 Says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you

  6. I am 49 years old and I am just now hearing some of this really good music for the first time…sigh! I grew up in Alabama and we didn’t exactly have a great selection of radio stations to listen to, in fact the big FM station in Montgomery, AL was WHHY 102 and the GM there was an intolerable do gooder of an ass that personally picked every song that he liked and that met his religious criteria to play, he just didn’t allow anything that he did not like to play, he was a Fascist, needless to say we got the Larry Stevens sanitized version of everything….we missed a lot. Everyday I find more and more music from the early eighties that a lot of others got to enjoy back in the day…oh well better late than never.

  7. wonderful, need the other tracks on the vinyl on demand version, too!

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