Venus In Furs- Platonic Love & Other Stories LP

Not much more info I can give today, but as promised, here’s the first official LP by UK electronic/post-punk band Venus In Furs (released in 1984). Managed to acquire the rest of the band’s discography, but am missing *one* track from Soft Life. Speak up if you’ve got it. Otherwise, on to the music:

Venus in Furs- Platonic Love & Other Stories
1. Fallen Statues
2. That First Wild Kiss
3. Majordomo
4. Entracte/Zurich 1924
5. His Master’s Voice
6. Platonic Love
7. Waltz Of The Venus De Milo
8. Achilles Brain
9. Snowscape
10. The Challenge

*download it here*

12 Responses to “Venus In Furs- Platonic Love & Other Stories LP”

  1. hi thanks again!!!!
    in my page…i posted “venus in furs” single.

  2. Ooooh, thanks. I’m thrilled! I heard something by them on some mix or other somewhere and was interested in hearing more. And now here it is! You always seem to have the stuff I’m trying to find more of. It’s uncanny.

  3. How about you Frankie? I am trying to find where to track down the albums by a band called ‘Incubated sounds’. Maybe not your cup of tea, but is worth the cahllenge,eh? Im haveing problems finding more than about four tracks, though they did have like 3 albums.

  4. Thanks for the Venus In Furs stuff Systems. Great Posts indeed. These bands are always a good contribution. Cheers!.

  5. thanks!!

  6. For someone who loves Venus In Furs like me!

  7. Thanks for this record “Systems”. Absolutely great stuff indeed. “Falling Statues” is an anthem in its own right. Waiting for some for of the Venus In Furs in the future 😉

  8. Many thanks again !! I have this on an old and very raggedy cassette. Good to hear it again ! It’s raining outside and ‘Fallen Statues’ never sounded better !
    Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou !!!!!!!

  9. Arkhathe3rd Says:

    wow absolutely great music. i love it, thank u very much

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You don't mention which Soft Life track you're missing. Word is that VIF will be releasing a new 'best of' compilation this year. There will be some trax from 'S.L' on this.
    Glad you love VIF. Me too.Love from Laurie X

  11. hello a favor
    you could upload
    WOMBERANG 1996

    I would greatly appreciate it

  12. […] minimal synth from 1984, released on the always excellent Contempo Records (Death In Venice, Venus In Furs, Diaframma, Voices, as well as various 4AD distro in […]

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