Venus In Furs- Strip MLP

Fulfilling another request from down under. No, this isn’t the Velvet Underground song, the Sacher-Masoch novel, nor is it the fictional glam band from Velvet Goldmine (a lot of posh material discussed in this sentence), but instead this Venus In Furs was a cult favorite post-punk/electronic act from the UK that existed from 1983-the early 1990s.

The band formed in Sussex in the early 1980s, pairing down from a four piece to a duo before cutting any proper material. Over the course of six years, the band released six albums, one mini LP, and a series of 12” and 7” singles, all of which are extremely sought after. Little else is known about the band, or there current whereabouts, but one of the members was also doing double duty in a band called Times during this period.

Though this is their second release, I’ve uploaded 1985’s Strip mini-LP to kick things off. I’ve got most of their earlier catalog, aside from singles, Megalomania (1989), and their final recordings, so if anyone’s interested, I can upload the remaining three records I have over the course of next week. Otherwise, here’s the information for Strip:

Venus In Furs- Strip Mini-LP
1. All Night Party
2. Sultan
3. In My Velvet Cage
4. Rayogram IV
5. Concerning Status
6. The Debutante
7. O Sweetheart Libido
8. Rayogram VI

*download it here*

It seems as if the entire Venus In Furs catalog has been re-released on compact disc via Movement Recordings in the UK. The reissues come complete with full album artwork and a few of the 12” singles tacked on for good measure. Otherwise, I do believe these are CD-R burned copies otherwise, recorded onto burned discs from the original master tapes. If I come across a wad of cash, I’ll be picking up the entire lot, if they’re still available. I recommend you kids do the same! Click the link below to be taken to the order page:

Movement Recordings Order Form

16 Responses to “Venus In Furs- Strip MLP”

  1. almost certainly the best…

  2. Thanks a lot Frankie!! This album is excellent, and so rare. It would be much appreciated if you could please post some more Venus In Furs,
    Thanks again
    Anthony from Down Under

  3. WOW ! I’ve searched high and low to find info on this band ! I bought STRIP back in the day and had several
    of their other albums on vinyl. Thanks a million for posting this !

    Cheers !

  4. It is impossible to come across with venus in furs matirials, i always and up finding this funny
    90’s band!
    venus in furs made some of the greatest new wave songs i’ve ever heard.
    sundown and snowscape are masterpieces!
    If you have some more stuff i’ll be grateful if you could upload it.
    and if anybody has some more information about them, please share.
    Thanks, Clyde.

  5. thanks a mil! back other's sentiments: vif still pretty hard to come by..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The Times had a great song called Go Devil…were they not on Creation with McGhee?

  7. Diskomoderator Kondratieff Says:

    Great stuff, still got the vinyl, didn't know it ever came out on cd.

  8. Mark Learey Says:

    Not "The Times".. just Times. This is the stagename of Sean Jones, the main man behind Venus In Furs. When recording as Times, he sings and plays everything himself. Very talented guy.

  9. Mark Learey Says:

    Ooops. It's Shaun Jones, not Sean Jones!

  10. Immortelle Says:

    Could you be so kind to re-upload this file please (as well as this one Old links on zhare simply won't work due to their servers failure. 🙁

  11. hello a favor
    you could upload
    WOMBERANG 1996

    I would greatly appreciate it

  12. Gerrit Jellema Says:

    Many many thanx for a very special album.
    Still lokking for it.

  13. Very grateful a fellow post-punk music acquaintance turned me on to this site. I saw this band in Perth, Australia growing up and can’t believe I was able to find their stuff here in New York twenty five years later. Thank you so much for posting this.

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