Vicious Pink- Vicious Pink LP

As promised, here’s the second post for today, a stark contrast to the heavier sounds posted below. I’m not sure if someone requested this one per se, but it came up in a recent discussion, so it’s fair game one way or the other. The band: Vicious Pink, a synthpop duo formed in 1981 in the UK. Though the band was active for five years, their lone full-length is a self titled release, culled from the band’s numerous singles.

Originally, the duo of vocalist Josephine Warden and keyboardist Brian Moss began as backing vocalists for Soft Cell’s early years, and were known as the Vicious Pink Phenomenon, who released one killer single titled My Private Tokyo. The duo began targeting dance clubs with their highly infectious blend of synth-pop, and though their singles didn’t earn a massive amount of chart success, they were in heavy rotation in most of Europe’s dance clubs, and were highly influential in a budding electronic scene.

The band split in 1986, collecting nine tracks from their various singles for release as the band’s first and only record. A few demo records are rumored to exist but remain unreleased, and since the band’s split, their various singles and extended remixes have been collected in both an anthology and a single disc hits package.

Here’s the information for the 1986 s/t record:

Vicious Pink- Vicious Pink LP
1. Cccan’t You See
2. Spooky
3. The Spaceship Is Over There
4. Blue (Love Mix)
5. Fetish
6. Take Me Now
7. Always Hoping
8. 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls Of Fire
9. Cccan’t You See (Exxx-tended Re-Mixxx)

*download it here*

12 Responses to “Vicious Pink- Vicious Pink LP”

  1. strange_child Says:

    I like your blog a lot !!

    can you add me ? i want to be in your links 😉

    That’s my music blog:

    Grettings from Chile

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    sure thing, strange_child. adding you up right now! let’s trade links.

  3. Burning Flame Says:

    Thanks for Vicious Pink!!

  4. Your blog is excellent. Vicious Pink is great.

    Check out my blog here:

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I really love the Vicious Pink. Thanks for all your efforts!


  6. Lord Hasenpfeffer Says:

    A friend of mine once allowed me to make a cassette copy of his "Vicious Pink" LP back in 1988. A couple of years ago I transferred that cassette to a Music CD-R and then ripped it from disc to FLAC format. I found your blogsite while searching for a better copy than my old LP-to-tape copy. Upon comparing your MP3s to my FLACs, I was shocked to find that your files are mono, not stereo! This causes them to sound dull and muddy in comparison to my 22+ year-old tape transfer. Ugh!

  7. frankie teardrop Says:

    well, hook a brother up!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Good band – shit mp3 extract – this was only ever released on vinyl and cassette – this was either extracted from a crap cassette or vinyl which has been electronically cleaned up to remove any snap, crackle and pop – Josie sounds like shes got a lisp and the muffled sound makes the band sound bad – not worth having this Frankie.

  9. the saucer people Says:

    So with all this moaning about the low quality of the Vicious Pink album, has anyone got a better copy is the question?
    I must admit that playing the single track rips I have against the same album tracks, the quality is very low but hey, at least I get to hear a couple of tracks I have never heard before.

    I have always thought Dave Ball's production skills were so ahead of the game..just listening to the 12 inch versions of the first two Vicious Pink Phenomena singles and some parts sound strangely of the moment.

    It is hard to believe there has not been a recent official retrospective out, especially in the last couple of years with the reappraisal of eighties synthpop/electronica going on….yet another example of how criminally underrated this group is.

  10. Greg in Florida Says:

    I believe Tony Mansfield of New Musik produced Vicious Pink, giving it that distinctive Mansfield sound (A-ha, Naked Eyes, etc.)

    Frankie, did you ever get a cleaner version of this? I have the "My Private Tokyo" 12-inch if you want to borrow it. (And could you upload this to Mediafire?)

  11. A+ Life$tyles Says:

    Hi thanks for this! I stumbled across this blog looking for this LP. If anyone's still reading this and has a FLAC copy can you please let me know. This LP is about $80 dollars on vinyl and I really would love to have a good quality rip

  12. Andy Davis Says:

    The Cherry Pop reissue of VP is good and still available. Bout time someone noticed how good they were. For what I have read, the record company was only interested is releasing promo records of their songs for club play as opposed to profit motive. This is one reason why many of their records are hard to find. Also, the version of CCCan’t You See that appears on the Hardest Hits compilation is a version I have not been able to find on vinyl anywhere.

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