1000 Ohm- A.G.N.E.S. 12” & Love In Motion 12”

Back to the grind, ladies and gentlemen. Just recently married, I haven’t had much time to think about posting, but now that the dust has settled, let’s get this blog back up and running. I’m still aiming for a twice a week goal for now, so let’s see how that goes.

Today’s band is 1000 Ohm, a two man Belgian minimal synth project formed in 1979. Originally, 1000 Ohm was the brainchild of Frank Van Bogaert, but as the outfit continued into the 1980s, Johan Van Herck joined in to flesh out the band’s sound, joined by an unnamed third member for live shows (if anyone knows the third member’s name, please chime in). The first release uploaded today, the 1981 A.G.N.E.S. 12”, features just Frank at the helm, while Van Herck joined in time for 1984’s Love In Motion 12”.

The duo split in 1987 after several more 12” singles (including ‘The Claim’ a shameless synthpop jam), and Van Bogaert went on to produce several local artists before purchasing ACE studios in Antwerp. As the nineties came to a close, Frank began to release a series of his own organic synth recordings, some of which have won German awards. He still records to this day.

Without any further adieu, here’s the info for these two synth-pop gems:

1000 Ohm- A.G.N.E.S. 12”
1. A.G.N.E.S.
2. A.G.N.E.S. (2nd mix)
3. Look Around

1000 Ohm- Love In Motion 12”
1. Love In Motion
2. Love In Motion (Instrumental)

*download them here*

6 Responses to “1000 Ohm- A.G.N.E.S. 12” & Love In Motion 12””

  1. Congratulations on marriage! And thank you for your blog, of course!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hi, there’s a 1000 ohm website on myspace..not sure if its an official or fan-made

    congratulations! I hope you have a very happy marriage! 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    file download link seems to be dead – even now that zhare is back :

  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    so it does..i’ll sort that one out right now!

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for this post. I finally dowload this..

  6. THX! A great New-Wave anthem.

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