The Reegs- Return of the Sea Monkeys LP

Tackling an older request today, for the first LP by British post-punk/dreampop act The Reegs. Those familiar with post-punk 101 may recognize some of the key players in this band, as half of its lineup consisted of ex-members of the Chameleons (Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies), who drifted apart after the 1987 Tony Fletcher Walked On Water LP. Joined by singer Gary Lavery, the band released two LPs, both which combined the post-punk/dreampop edge of the Chameleons prior work with synthesizers and a more Manchester-based sound, developing in bands like the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Their first record, uploaded below, is more of a compilation, gathering together two 1988 singles and two covers. Only two tracks on the record were “new.”

The band would support the Wedding Present during their ephemeral run, and would release a handful of EPs up until 1997, just a few years prior to the turn of the century Chameleons reunion. Dave is currently active in Coconut DF.

Without any further ado, here’s the information for the 1991 debut record, Return of the Sea Monkeys:

The Reegs- Return of the Sea Monkeys LP
1. See My Friends (Kinks cover)
2. Is There A Mother-In-Law In The Club?
3. This Savage Garden
4. Chorus Of The Lost
5. Pond Life
6. Start To See
7. These Days
8. Turn It Up
9. All Tomorrows Parties (instrumental Velvet Underground cover)

*download it here*

There seems to be an official Reegs myspace page, complete with a few rare videos of projects both past and present. Click below to check it out:

The Reegs on myspace

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  1. THANK YOU for this post!!!!!!!!!
    I love this band and I’ve looking for this one record on internet for quite a long time, very hard to find these days. As for the myspace profile, this is the one hosted by a guy from Barcelona, it is not the official one, I’m still waiting they create a official profile for this short lived band. Who knows. Cheers 🙂

  2. Rusholme Ruffian Says:

    Get in, I’ve been looking for this album for ages.

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