Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor- Front 7”

I’m unable to scrape up a ton of information about today’s band, Sheffield wave act Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, though this oddball synth single is a real gem. More on the bombastic side, Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor released but three 7” recordings before calling it quits.

As a bit of trivia, the band would lend equipment to budding brit-pop act Pulp, enabling them to cut their first recordings.

I’ve uploaded the entirety of the band’s 1981 Front 7” for your listening pleasure, which features two full-length wave tunes and closes with an instrumental.

Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor- Front 7”
1. Front
2. Sensation/No Sensation
3. Synthesizers (the Story So Far)

*download it here*

It seems as if the band’s output has been compiled on to one s/t disc, featuring a series of demo recordings alongside all three of their 7” singles. Seems as if it’s only available on vinyl, through Vinyl On Demand. Snap it up if you dig it!

5 Responses to “Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor- Front 7””

  1. mersenne_twister Says:

    thanks for this gem

  2. Anonymous Says:

    saw this band a couple of times in 79/80 … at one of which, he support act was pulp, performing their debut gig

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thank you for all the music you have been sharing..

    can you re-upload this one elsewhere?
    it's bound by some download limit.


  4. flyingbishop Says:

    This is great – thanks for posting. Looking forward to exploring much more of the stuff on your sight.

  5. Saucer People Says:

    Wow! The wonderful DIEORDIY2 blog has recently posted a number of Sheffield based post-punk/minimal wave releases like the pre-ABC Vice Versa releases and I suddenly remembered The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor! This seems the only place on the net where any of their material can be found and given it was eight years ago when you first posted it, that deserves some sort of blog lifetime achievement award!

    The third track Synthesizers (the Story So Far) is the absolute killer!

    Sadly, no-one in the intervening years ever posted a rip of the VOD compilation – I still live in hope!

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