Little Nemo- Cadavres Exquis 12”

Little Nemo were among the best of the French coldwave acts, akin to the likes of Asylum Party and Trisomie 21, and unfortunately, just like the majority of their peers, they never quite broke outside of their homeland. However, the band earned a cult following after signing with Lively Art, a label notorious for releasing top-shelf coldwave records.

The band formed in 1983 and split in 1992 after several classic singles and three full length records. Their earlier material was more visceral and dark, while their pop-song sensibilities and interest in electric music evolved over the years. Upon their disbanding, vocalist Olivier Champeau took on the pseudonym Doctorolive to persue a more techno/house infused direction.

I’ve uploaded their 1990 Cadavres Exquis single- which includes three solid cuts, a cover of a classic Wire tune, and a synth-based instrumental to close.


Little Nemo- Cadavres Exquis 12”
1. Cadavres Exquis (Howard Song)
2. That Was No Martian
3. Anybody Home
4. The 15th (originally by Wire)
5. Sesordiulteiuq

*download it here*

…and for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for the title track:

8 Responses to “Little Nemo- Cadavres Exquis 12””

  1. The Mongoose Says:

    Thanks!I have the Turquoise Fields LP and have been looking for this single.

  2. frankie teardrop Says:

    sure thing! turquoise fields is a recent addition, and i dig it as well. i also have their sounds in the attic LP if you’re in need…

  3. The Mongoose Says:

    It’s a great story and I think we watched the animated movie in elem. school about a 1,000 times. Anyway, the sounds in the attic lp would be great if you don’t mind.

  4. The only thing I’ve heard by Little Nemo is a Razormaid remix of City Lights, which is phenomenal BTW.

  5. kick ass. thx

  6. […] release, Comme Un Oiseau De Proie…, which was produced in part by Olivier Champeau of Little Nemo. Here’s the relevant […]

  7. best blog ever
    thanks for the music …
    lovely discovers and great remembers

  8. Incredible! This site is the greatest! I never knew Little Nemo made a video. Then again I’m rather new into the coldwave genre. It’s the perfect mood-music for being outdoors on a cool fall day.

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