Camera Obscura- Horizons of Suburbia LP

Thanks for all the requests over the past few weeks, ladies and gents…I’ve been uploading them slowly but surely over the past few posts, and ideally, I shall attend to each one of them in the very near future. Today’s request was for Camera Obscura’s Horizons of Suburbia LP, a synth/wave gem from 1983. Well…not quite. These ten tracks were recorded fifteen years ago but remained unreleased until 2005. Previously, the only documented Camera Obscura releases were a 7” single and a lone compilation appearance.

For the record, there seem to be several bands bearing the same name, including a rather prominent indie pop group. This particular Camera Obscura, however, consisted of Nigel James and Peter Oldroyd and hailed from the UK. The band formed in 1982 and soldiered through record label hardships until 1987, when the band when on indefinite hiatus. In 2005, however, Nigel and Peter dusted off their old material and took to playing shows throughout Europe, meanwhile releasing this lost classic as well as a live record and re-recorded single material. All recent Camera Obscura material has been released by German label Anna Louge Records.


Camera Obscura- Horizons of Suburbia LP (2005)
1. Escape From The City
2. Horizons Of Suburbia
3. The Mandarin Man
4. Fever Pitch
5. Vincent Van Gogh
6. Destitution
7. Circular Waves
8. Scarlet Vixen
9. Mystery Box
10. Race In Athens


To purchase Camera Obscura’s material through Anna Logue Records, please click below! Also, see the following link for the band’s official homepage:

Anna Louge Records
Clan Camera dot com

5 Responses to “Camera Obscura- Horizons of Suburbia LP”

  1. wonderful!!!!
    “The music is quite catchy, as said Synthie-Pop, but also interesting for Minimal-Electro fans.”
    many,many thnx

  2. I like this. It isn’t my all-tyme favorite, but it was well played, and was well deserved to have an archival release. I have caught a little more on the 2 cd set of ADN. Thirty somm odd tracks on it, and released in a dvd box, or something. Definitely , though, all gone and sold out. If you caome across a copy, please without hesitation, post it up. Thanx

  3. My bad spelling and typos are included in every post, for absolutely FRee. That’s right, one hundred percent FREE.


  4. is still in annalogue records catalogue, you all should buy it 🙂

  5. Anonymous Says:

    That is just the point. I liked it, but not enough to pay for it and the shipping from another country. I got rid of the mp3 files. That is what you told me Peter, as yourself, mp3s are for preview purposes;)

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