Snowy Red- The Right to Die LP

Snowy Red is mainly a one-man minimal synth outfit from Belgium, active throughout the 1980s. Though occasionally a band here and there (and featuring scattered collaborators during their tenure), Snowy Red was primarily an outlet for Micky Mike (real name: Marcel Thiel, RIP), who released four records (and two cover records under his proper name) before seemingly disappearing from the music scene in the early nineties. Though seemingly a one-off reunion, Snowy Red reactivated for a Belgian music festival in 2004 as a two piece.

Though each of Snowy Red’s four records are synth classics, I’ve uploaded my favorite, 1982’s The Right to Die, which has a darker atmosphere and heavier synthetics than some of the other material. For more Snowy Red, revisit this post, as the Carol & Snowy Red ‘Breakdown’ 7” is included in the grab bag.


Snowy Red- The Right to Die LP (1982)
1. Euroshima (Wardance)
2. Nowhere
3. I’m Hurt
4. Never Alive
5. Relax
6. Opium
7. Lies In Your Eyes
8. Madman
9. The Right To Die

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED*—> An official boxset containing all of Mike’s work has been reissued via OnderStrom records. NOT TO BE MISSED! RIP Micky…

After scouring youtube, I came up with several clips for Snowy Red, but none actually are videos or live performances, but instead are songs playing with a static image, while one consists of a digitally rendered Second Life character boogying to ‘Euroshima.’ I won’t link it here, but it’s amusing, for those who wish to seek it out.

Otherwise, I believe Snowy Red’s material is best hunted down through your local record shops and eBay, but there IS a seemingly fan-run myspace page, for more information and some digital accompaniment:

Snowy Red on myspace

6 Responses to “Snowy Red- The Right to Die LP”

  1. hello thanks for the great music, do you have by chance Eskimo – Ti u – 12″ on the french label madrigal.
    Many thanks


  2. I like snowy red. I have not heard the fourth album yet. Maybe it’s just as good? I like the Belgian elektro thing that went on. I wish I could find the tape of M.bryo, in relation to somnambulist. That would be cool to hear, somanmbulist has a good sound, so maybe no less for M.bryo.


  3. RObert POland Says:

    Good songs, especially Relax and Opium.
    I hear now this first time – i don`t know, who is Snowy Red – but songs sounds great.
    Sounds like a Fad Gadget, very early Soft Cell (Madman), John Foxx…

    Thanks for this old-new rare gem of synthmusic

    PS. Sorry for my broken-english

  4. I literally heard Snowy Red for the 1st 20 minutes ago because a friend posted a Youtube link for the song "Nowhere" (another static image) on his facebook. I loved it! That particular song sounded like Gary Numan making music for video games with occasional Andi Sex Gang vocals. I immediately searched for more Snowy Red on music blogspots, which is how I came upon your blog. If this at all indicates your taste in music I'm sure I'll discover many more great bands on your blog. Anyway, the real reason I'm commenting is this, It's an ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEO of Snowy Red for the song "The Long Run". Much darker and just plain weird, I love it! On a side note I notice you're in a group called Revel Hotel. I downloaded that a few months back. I dug it! Maybe I'll catch you guys in Brooklyn sometime ( I live on the island) Think I found it on Phoenix Hairpins. I gotta leave a comment on that guys blog too. I've discovered a lot of great stuff from him. Anyway, I've made this comment long enough. Thanks for the great download man! Keep it up! -Bep

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Gosh I remember when Euroshima was playing at the boccaccio in Ghent, it was always a crazy moment of the night ! I found some nice tunes from that time lately… Enjoy ! ; )

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