Siglo XX- Re-Released ’80-’82 LP

Fulfilling a request for today for Belgian post-punk/coldwave band Siglo XX. Siglo XX formed in 1980 during the fallout of the punk explosion, and the four piece outfit would drop a number of developmental DIY singles before recording their first record a few years later. Their sound was akin to the likes of the Factory Records crew, oftentimes hard-hitting and intense, while other times melodic, synthetic, and entrancing. Their name, which is Spanish for ’20th Century,’ stems from an anarchist movement and is representative of their gloom and doom sound, though the band loathed to be lumped in with their contemporaries.

Siglo XX disappeared from view as the eighties fizzled out, leaving behind a local legacy of singles, seven full-lengths, and several compilations. I’ve uploaded their 1984 collection, entitled Re-Released ’80-’82, which compiles their more formative (and in this author’s opinion, better) material.


Siglo XX- Re-Released ’80-’82
1. The Naked And The Death
2. Art Of War
3. Lines Of Hope
4. Youth Sentiment
5. Obsession
6. Factory
7. La Vie Dans La Nuit
8. Individuality
9. Autumn
10. Caraibian Nightmares
11. The Fall

*download it here*

I have a handful of their other releases lying around should anyone be interested in hearing more. Otherwise, click below for a Siglo XX myspace tribute page, and stay tuned for some treats, including a donated Marquis De Sade record and a third podcast.

Siglo XX tribute on myspace

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  1. soundhead Says:

    I posted some Guerre Froide releases you would probably enjoy. If you don’t already have them

  2. joy_div1976 Says:

    would you please put up more of their stuff ?!?!? theyre a great band 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hey man can u repost this it dosnt load on zshare keeps resetting on the countdown to download think all zshares are doing that:)thanks

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the Siglo XX download

  5. Please…more Siglo XX…all of it if possible. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi there!!

    Tnx for this blog,it's incredible,only pure cold wave!!,yeaaaahhhh!!

    if you like more cd's of siglo xx please send a message,here!!…:

    somebody can help me to make a blog with music,please?…


  7. ok guys,all the collection of siglo xx and t21 here:

    hi to systems of romance,gret too!!

    this blog are incredible!!


  8. Nice one – found these guys on the B9 Bis compilation I’ve been listening to recently and had a feeling you’d have more by them here! Thank you!

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