Christof Glowalla- Complete Works LP

I am frustratingly hard-pressed to find a sufficient amount of information about today’s artist, Christof Glowalla, a minimal synth/NDW outfit from Germany. I’m even having difficulty pinning down a proper image of the act, aside from various sketches in this vein. Though seemingly a one man outfit, the ‘official’ myspace page clues in on a few other collaborators, though their roles are undisclosed. Certain other records indicate one lone release, a 1980 7” single limited to 1000 copies, but I’ve unearthed and uploaded a one disc collection of completed works, which include a handful of other tracks recorded throughout the 1980s, which most likely appeared on other under-the-radar 7” singles.

That all said, if anyone has any further information on Christof, past OR present, please send it my way. Otherwise, without any further delay, the details:

Christof Glowalla- Complete Works LP
1. Erde 80
2. Technik
3. Science Fiction
4. Der Bose
5. Smog In Der Stadt
6. In Der Zukunft
7. Gift Fur Alle
8. Die Liebe
9. Armer Heino
10. Traum
11. Bauernkrieg
12. ABC
13. Delirium

*download it here*

For a peek at that myspace page, click below:

Christof Glowalla on myspace

5 Responses to “Christof Glowalla- Complete Works LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This music is interesting. Iam not saying this because of the little alien dude, but I think this stuff would be classified better as stoner Ndw. I came across this guy’s My space earlier this year. It’s ok, but not my favourite from this genre.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you wanna know how Christof Glowalla looks like, look at this video:

    He’s the one with the guitar in the upper left corner, who’s drinking coke at the beginning.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I found erde 80 on an obscure NDW cd in our local library years ago, I traced Christof, and mailed with him a few times. Asking merely questions on how and what not, if I remember correctly, he had a website at that time…


  4. I’ve found a site where he uploaded a pic of himself. That’s a rarity, cause normally he try to avoid to show his face on the web.

  5. First 5 songs on here from early 80s will be coming out on Medical Records in 2 months as a limited edition 10″ !!!

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