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Pardon the ball-dropping, ladies and gents, as this weekend was best spent soaking in the after effects of a short Nick Cave and the Badseeds set. Couldn’t muster the effort for a post. That said, all systems go this week, and I’ll kick this Monday off with a relatively cult favorite post-punk band, England’s own Into a Circle.

Into a Circle (a.k.a. In Two a Circle and In2a0) formed in 1985 in the wake of similarly styled outfit Getting the Fear, who released but one single (both as a 7” and 12”- will upload by request) before imploding. Afterwards, members Bee (aka Paul Hampshire) and Barry Jepson formed Into a Circle as a collective creative unit without the limitations of a four-piece band. Their material was self-produced and self-released, and Into a Circle quickly grew a rather significant cult following with their initial DIY single.

The band eventually signed with Abstract Records, who allowed them to continue their more laissez-faire work. The pair began to experiment more with tape loops and analog samples, drafting Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose McDowall for backup vocal duties both live and in the studio.

Into a Circle eventually split in 1989 after a final grueling tour, having released four well-received 12” singles and one record, 1988’s Assassins, which I’ve uploaded for you today. Both Getting the Fear and Into a Circle circulated several live recordings at concerts, and there were rumors of further collaborations and recordings, none of which have seen the light of day. Since then, Bee has been involved in Futon, an electro-rock group also featuring the ex-drummer of Suede.

Here’s the details for today’s download:

Into a Circle- Assassins LP (1988)
1. Beneath Mikhail
2. Over + Over
3. The Swinging Tree
4. ‘Elim
5. Forever
6. Allah Akhbar
7. Tender Skin
8. Evergreen
9. Assassins
10. Seraphin Twin

download link removed— click HERE to purchase the band’s entire discography on Cherry Red!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a promotional video for ‘Evergreen,’ knicked straight off youtube:

There also exists a live clip of the band performing ‘Beneath Mikhail,’ so run a quick search over there if you want to see more! Otherwise, happy Monday, ladies and gents…

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  1. Just listening to a copy of Assassins just now – and what a fine album it is – though maybe a bit dated production wise. A very under rated band…


  2. cherry red are releasing this on cd on 17th nov – with all the singles and b-sides as bonus material:

    so wait for that

    and look out for that cease and desist letter…


  3. Merry xmas~

    would like to have 7” and 12” to extend my knowledge.

    By the way , do you have Panache to share?

    Thanks in advance


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thank You!

    I had Tender Skin on a CD that was in my car when it was stolen. I have never been able to find it until now.
    Much appreciated!

  5. Anonymous Says:


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