Autumn- Experiments With Environments LP

Today’s post features Belgian minimal wave band Autumn’s original 1982 cassette, Experiments With Environments. I’m unable to dig up a ton of information about the band, but the primarily two-piece outfit released countless underground cassette tapes documenting their pioneering and experimental synth work for five years throughout the early 1980s, many of which have only seen the light of day due to recent CD-r releases via collective label Micrart. Just before retiring the name to persue other projects, Autumn would record their own soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s silent classic Metropolis, which was occasionally performed alongside screening’s of the film before an ‘official’ score was made available.

As Autumn changed directions and laid their moniker to rest, members Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne would find some more success as members of Twilight Ritual, while Peter would also work as Linear Movement a short period of time.

Here are the details for the Experiments With Environments release:

Autumn- Experiments With Environments
1. Ocilado Q
2. Memories
3. Twilight World Part 1
4. Towards Tokio Part 1
5. Reach You From Behind My Walls
6. I Still Care
7. Gardens
8. Friday
9. Mystery Screen
10. Twilight World Part 2
11. My New Friend
12. PSI, A Destiny Experience
13. Metal Dream
14. The Posession L
15. 7.49
16. Towards Tokio Part 2
17. Experiments With Environments
18. Pale Mist Meditation
19. Delayed Mind Creation

*DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED* Mp3s available via iTunes music store and Micart:
Micrart dot com

8 Responses to “Autumn- Experiments With Environments LP”

  1. fantastic!!!!!
    i love autumn and twilight ritual too!!!!

  2. soundhead Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is an awesome release by them. I am sitting here serening with the scene right now. This is my favourite release I have heard by them yet.


  4. frankie teardrop Says:

    thanks, gents! of all the autumn stuff i have lying around, this one is my favorite as well, though that metropolis score is rather interesting. always changing, these gents. maybe i’ll throw up some linear movement in the near future…

  5. Is track 2 – Memories – a cover? It sounds so familiar.

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  8. Geert Coppens Says:

    Thank you for the posts. Truly appreciated.
    I also ‘d like to telll you the look and feel of these pages are really very nice.
    Geert (leMonk)

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