Guerre Froide- Untitled 12”/Archives Cassette

The pseudo-request I’m fulfilling originally came in for French coldwave act Guerre Froide’s first cassette release, Cicatrice, but I am absolutely unable to track it down, so instead, I offer two fine Guerre Froide releases for anyone unfamiliar with the band.

Guerre Froide began in 1980 as a collective of electronic/organic musicians, releasing several underground cassettes and a 12” single. They only lasted three years, with several lineup shifts throughout, but the band resumed activity in 2006, with most of the original lineup intact. They have since issued a full-length record in 2007, entitled Angoisses & Divertissement and are touring to this day.

For your listening pleasure, I’ve zipped both their lone untitled 12” single (released in 1981) and their 1985 post-breakup cassette, Archives. Here’s the individual information for these releases, but please note that the two are uploaded together.

Guerre Froide- Untitled 12”
1. Ersatz
2. Demain Berlin
3. Mauve
4. Peine Perdue

Guerre Froide- Archives Cassette
1. La Chanson D’Ian
2. Eva (Berlin 81)
3. Départ
4. Sans Ultimes Sens Multiples
5. Berlin Demain
6. Remorquage
7. Gloria Victis
8. Brumes
9. Picaro
10. Flashbacks Futurs

*download both here!*

Otherwise, if anyone happens to have the 1980 Cicatrice cassette, feel free to chime in! Otherwise, here are links to the band’s official web-hubs. Can’t seem to find any proper purchasing information for the older material, but my French isn’t quite up to speed these days, I’m afraid.

Official Site
Myspace dot com
Purchase Guerre Froide’s 2007 record here

12 Responses to “Guerre Froide- Untitled 12”/Archives Cassette”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This was a very cool video. And it,obviously, is a little newer. If you read at the end it says it was from MArcello video, and made 1995. Whatever, or whomever, Marcello is they have done a couple videos of french bands. Bands like May,Frustration,Femme Fatale. And I guess they did Guerre Froide too. This was a good video. It really made one think. The upper anatomy lesson was a nice touch too. If ever a chance, one should watch the video Blind by Frustration.All can be found via Myspace.Thanks for the post!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    And by the way, this is one of my favourite blogs. Thanks goes to all the artist and posters. Thank-you very much.

  3. Fantasmi Says:

    I’ve been looking for Cherchez Le Garçon
    Thanks for posting it!


  4. Muchos Gracias!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this album .
    i can’t even say how much time i spent looking for it.

    you could upload some artery too…

    greetz from poland .

  6. Emmanuel Says:

    Hello, Thanks for you blog. This is not an official video for “Demain Berlin”.. There is no official video of Guerre Froide at this time.

    Emmanuel – Guerre Froide team.

  7. hi, could you please re-upload these albums to rapidshare or something else other than zshare? everytime i click the download now button after waiting however many seconds it makes me right back to the main zshare page.
    ty so much.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone interested of Cicatrice can find it on this blog:

  9. Hi,

    I tried to download your Zip but it doesn't seem to be active anymore. Could you be so kind as to upload this Guerre Froide zip again?

    Thanks and 'merci' from Paris!

  10. Yep, the link is still active but the file is not hosted anymore (…). Could you re-up it pleaseeee ? It's impossible to find now..

    Thanks for all your work though.


  11. frankie teardrop Says:

    link fixed!

  12. Jurassik Dark Says:

    excellent blog, thanx a bunch

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