The Neon Judgement- Mafu Cage LP

I’ve already done a brief overlook on the Neon Judgement, a Belgian based wave act, but since their seminal 1986 record Mafu Cage seems to be out of print, I’ve uploaded it for your listening pleasure. Otherwise, I’ll cut and paste what I said about them last October:

The Neon Judgement formed in a town outside of Brussels in 1981, and since then the duo of TB Frank and Dirk Da Davo have been creating synth driven music with a dash of electronic violence and a sprinkle of rock and roll ideology. Neon Judgement would release several records and remixes before briefly disbanding in 1998. However, as the two reunited in 2004 to promote an upcoming remix collection in Europe, the band was also reactivated as a creative unit. In 2005, the band also released The Box, a 2cd set comprising live tracks and rarities alongside classic cuts.

On the side, member Dirk Da Davo also spearheads the Neon Electronics side project, composing new material and reworking old tracks.

The Neon Judgement- Mafu Cage LP
1. Awfull Day
2. The Man
3. He’s Gonna Drop
4. Be Nice To Me
5. Rise (I Hope One Day)
6. 1958
7. Voodoo Nipplefield
8. Dead Friends Body
9. Tomorrow In the Papers*
10. Antoine*
11. Tv Treated*
12. The Man (Remix)*

*cd release bonus tracks

*download it here*

For all other info on the Neon Judgement, please click below:
Neon Judgement homepage

5 Responses to “The Neon Judgement- Mafu Cage LP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I really like neon judgement. They have a different sound styling. I like Neon electronics too, but the project could use a little more work into the sound. I have found the album of theirs to be a little bit bland and repetitive. I am sure it will be worked out.

  2. soundhead Says:

    one of my favorite bands.

  3. permanent daydream Says:

    all i have to say is that this is indeed the great NJ album!!! great to work to when you hate your job but need to keep the energy going in order to still be productive.

  4. zincink Says:

    thanks for the share..

    i find them haunting, smokey with a serrated edge..must be that combination recipe of voice, low synth and drum machine

  5. I listen to them in my youth and now that I am older I listen to TNJ again – with great pleasure. They are very funny. Thanks for sharing this album with us. Do you have a loosless version of the “The Mafu Cage”? Thanks again!

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