I’m So Hollow- discography REDUX

For today’s post, I’ve uploaded the entire discography for Sheffield post-punk band I’m So Hollow, which is admittedly not a whole lot. The four piece band formed in 1978 and only lasted three years, splitting up after recording one 7” single and one full length record. The band wet their feet opening up for the likes of Clock DVA, and have since developed a bit of a cult following due to their involvement in the Sheffield music scene, their peers including the Human League and Artery, among others. I’m So Hollow also managed to cut a John Peel session before disbanding. One exclusive song, also included below, has been compiled several times over since the band’s demise and appears on both Hicks From the Sticks and Future Shock– both identical compilations released by two different labels.

I’m So Hollow- Dreams to Fill the Vacuum 7” (1980)
1. Dreams To Fill The Vacuum
2. Distraction

I’m So Hollow- Emotion/Sound/Motion LP (1981)
1. Entrance
2. Which Way..?
3. Unbroken Line
4. Touch
5. Collisions
6. Excitement = Change
7. The Triangular Hour
8. Emotion / Sound / Motion
9. Nosferatu/Distraction

Various Artists: Hicks In the Sticks Compilation (1980)
13. I Don’t Know

*download them here* (LP RE-RERIPPED 6.4.13 —  7” RE-RIPPED 6.24.15)

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a live performance of ‘Touch’ taken from the Made In Sheffield DVD:

Lastly, a request for the peanut gallery: if anyone has a recording of the I’m So Hollow Peel Session, please send it my way! Pretty please with cherries?

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  1. annie's animal Says:

    great band!!!!
    unfortunately tottaly unknown
    and thanks for the video!!!!

  2. happy birthday! I hope you don’t feel hollow today!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t have all four tracks from the Peel Session, but I do have the two that aren’t on the LP or single. I’ll try to upload them for you when I can… I made them a myspace a few months ago in an attempt to get in touch with former members:


    I have spoken with Josef via email and hear rumors of a possible reissue… It’s just a rumor, though…


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great stuff. Will definitely miss my bedtime. Don’t mean to be ultra-critical but there’s a skip at about the 2 min mark of “I Don’t Know.”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi, wondered if you knew that there are 3 untitled ISH tracks on a cassette only release entitled “Now Society Greatest Hits – Volume 1 – 1978”


  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    a drag about the skip- i’ll see if i can rectify that.

    as for the untitled live tracks, i’m unsure if they’re different songs, but i’ve been looking for that collection for some time now. if i find it, i’ll be sure to upload them, even if they’re already released songs.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Super Blog

    Cold Wave Band Mexican:
    Here link


  8. I am lucky enough to have all their work on vinyl and always enjoy them. The video is killer. Nice of you to share this with the world.

  9. This is such great stuff. It’s always a mystery why some records end up sounding dated and others don’t, but anyway, I can’t have heard Emotion/Sound/Motion for at least 10 years and it still sounds great.
    Anyway, thanks so much for putting this up.

  10. Thanks so much for posting this! Downloaded the single from Mutant Sounds the other day, and it’s awesome to suddenly find this!

  11. Wow! ‘I Don’t Know’ rocks incredibly hard 😀

    I agree with Neal. This is one of those times when a band has managed to avoid the standard ‘fads’ of the time, meaning this sounds totally fresh. What a find! What a band!

  12. thank you very much for this classic and rare stuff without this blog and people like you with hard copy lp’s this stuff would be impossible to hear ,once again thanks 🙂

  13. Peel Session are going to be up loaded to Dimeadozen

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The link isn’t working for me…
    And I really miss these tracks
    Any chance of uploading it again, or somewhere else
    Mail me on RoB.RoB.RoB@lycos.co.uk please
    I am really missing this stuff

  15. lackfish Says:

    did anyone knows, who play the song in The Bones Brigade video show (part 6 of 7) , it´s the second song i need to know, kind of ska whit new wave sounds, if anyone knows please tell me, i´ve read maybe it´s a band called systems of love and the song calls shadows, thanks

  16. thank you so much- dancingwithdeath

  17. I'm most grateful for these, thank you !

  18. Steve Moriarty Says:

    Man, this is great, thank you for sharing this with the world

  19. Such a shame – the tour was pretty well set up, the album was getting good reviews and they decided to go back to their day jobs.
    The album was recorded at Jacob's, residentual studios in the Surrey countryside near Farnham, luckily the budget didn't allow much studio time so we had to work quickly and intensly. I recorded & produced the album with them. They knew exactly what they were after, and I think the combination of my experience & (over) perfectionism and their naïve enthusiasm worked a treat. They were good people.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    The file seems corrupted – won't donwload in full…

  21. […] Thanks to a generous donation from Kevin Crow, I am pleased to offer the long lost I’m So Hollow peel session, recorded on the 13th of August, 1980. Two of the tracks are exclusive to this release, not recorded or released in any other form. The first two, however, appear on their debut 7”, 1980′s Dreams to Fill the Vacuum and their 1981 full length, Emotion/Sound/Motion, respectively. You can download their entire discography here! […]

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for these! Just discovered I’m So Hollow and had no idea how I might track down their records 🙂 -erin

  23. […] 7” Message- Dernière Nuit 7” Troops For Tomorrow- Songs of Joy & Faith 7” I’m So Hollow- Emotion/Sound/Motion LP (LP only) Minimal Synth mystery corner 7” Excentrique Noiz- Dark Crystal Day 7” […]

  24. Mike Curtis Says:

    Bloody brilliant. Many thanks for the upload.

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