Inca Babies- Evil Hour

Here’s something a little more explosive and guitar oriented than the usual fare. Today’s post features UK post-punk act Inca Babies, who formed between 1982-83 in the industrialized neighborhoods of Manchester. The band took several cues from the likes of the Birthday Party, the Cramps, and the Gun Club, influences which the Inca Babies proudly wear on their sleeve.

As the UK music scene shifted away from the initial wave of post-punkers into a more synth based dance direction (especially in Manchester with the rise of New Order and the Happy Mondays), the Inca Babies soldiered on for four years total, releasing four records and several 12” singles and EPs. The band split in 1987, and in 2006, a collection of favorites hand picked by the band was released on Cherry Red Records.

Uploaded below is their final LP Evil Hour, released in January of 1987, a few months before the band split. The details:

Inca Babies- Evil Hour
1. Evil Hour
2. Long Uphill Trek
3. Partisans River
4. A Madmans Demise
5. Bad Hombre
6. Artillery Switchback
7. Two Rails To Nowhere
8. Volts
9. Burning Town
10. Young Blood

*download it here*

For more info on Inca Babies, including an official discography and an image gallery, click below. Also linked below is a link to purchase the band’s retrospective, Plutonium via Cherry Red Records.

Inca Babies homepage
Cherry Red

4 Responses to “Inca Babies- Evil Hour”

  1. Not bad. My favorites are “A Madman’s Disease” and “Two Rails to Nowhere.” I think I might need to make a “train” mix soon. The train may be the archetypal image of American history and it weaves through our songs like the tracks themselves on the dirt, connecting all disparate music and emotional states.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This just sounds like growling psycho/gothabilly to me. Not too much different than some of “Kult of the psychic foetus” material. I would not have felt any less for not hearing this in America.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Exelente banda punk!!! Deveria-se postar mais albuns para downloads gratis, para divulgar o trabalho deles por aqui.

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