B-Movie- Forever Running LP

And now, for a lighter affair of sorts…This band’s been a recent obsession of mine for some time now; a little catchy wave/post-punk outfit from the UK called B-Movie, who combined catchy and punchy post-punk with a synth edge. You can find them on the Some Bizzare Album I posted a few weeks back…

The band originally formed in 1978, fresh from the ashes of The Aborted, a local punk band. Though the band’s first release dates back to 1980, it took five years and several singles for the band to cut a proper record, 1985’s Forever Running. As a result of this, several versions of the same songs exist over the years, up until the band’s demise soon after Forever Running appeared. Since then, these early singles have been often compiled, resulting in The Dead Good Tapes and Volume 1- Remembrance Days respectively. A BBC sessions disc also appeared in 2001. This might very well be my favorite release of theirs, as the BBC versions feel less polished than the album below.

With all of this interest in the band’s back catalog, the band decided to reunite for a handful of shows in 2007. In the meanwhile, the ex-members of B-Movie have kept busy. Paul Statham has been the most prolific member of the band. Over the years, Paul has been involved with Peter Murphy’s early solo career (performing on and co-writing tunes on Love Hysteria, Deep, Holy Smoke, and Cascade). He also formed Peach, who signed to Mute Records in the mid-nineties, and has also been responsible for co-writing and producing material on Dido’s No Angel and Kylie Minogue’s Fever.

Well, I’ve just dropped a slew of information… Time for the release details:

B-Movie- Forever Running LP
1. Forever Running
2. Heart Of Gold
3. My Ship Of Dreams
4. Just An Echo
5. Remembrance Day
6. Switch On-Switch Off
7. Blind Allegiance
8. Arctic Summer
9. Nowhere Girl

*download it here*

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to post an official video, but here’s a TOTP-style clip for the 12” version of ‘Nowhere Girl.’ Click below to enjoy:

There exists a rather comprehensive B-Movie website, complete with (one half of) a bio, a full discography, several bits of information and fun Q&As, and other interested information. There are also a few links to pick up reissued B-Movie material and several post-B-Movie records. Dig it:

B-Movie official site

12 Responses to “B-Movie- Forever Running LP”

  1. StrangE Says:

    Thanx for this trip to the past!

    it feels like yesterday, and almost 25 years have passed.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    More pop-ish than their previous material but still very awesome!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have a humble request. Do you know where to dig up any of the old spanish new wave-experimental band ‘Kopek’? I have been searching for that a very long,long time.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent blog, digging it in right now!! By the way, all this stuff comes from your personal collection?
    See ya!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi again!
    I’m looking for “Dancing Did” stuff, like the LP “And did those feet” from 1982.

  6. frankie teardrop Says:

    hey HuskerDu,
    thanks for the kind words. some of this material comes from my own personal collection, ripped and uploaded…while others i have collected through friends and various sources. i do have quite a bit of it on vinyl, even if i haven’t ripped it myself.

    anyway, i do have some dancing did material i can post soon. i’m due for a request for aerial fx. maybe i’ll do a double post tomorrow…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yeahh, thanks! I had this LP once upon a time. Think cherryred records released the CD last year.

  8. by any chance could you post the bbc radio sessions? would love to hear it.

  9. […] Again, in case you missed them the first time- here’s the full Nowhere Girl 12” (including the 12” extended mix) and their 1985 LP, Forever Running. […]

  10. […] figured I’d post it here for you folks to enjoy as well. I’ve already covered B-Movie in the past, but that particular record doesn’t hold much of a candle to most of their earlier single […]

  11. Amazing music, thanks for this flash back

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias…exelente …

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